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Bottom Six Minutes 10: To tank, or not to tank

A mere 10 games into the season, the Montreal Canadiens might want to decide.

Montreal Canadiens v Anaheim Ducks Photo by John Cordes/NHLI via Getty Images

Though the Montreal Canadiens have managed a better Western road trip than previous years, it’s been far from ideal. Coming off another embarrassing loss against the Los Angeles Kings, they headed down the road to face the Anaheim Ducks in hopes of getting back on track.

Welcome to your Bottom Six Minutes, in which I’ll discuss them staying on the track they were already on.

This Habs team simply can’t generate any momentum. Even when they do — as evidenced by them tying this particular game before faltering — they lose it. The only silver lining against the Ducks was that they finally managed to score more than one goal in a losing effort. Cold comfort, but I suppose it’s a form of progress at the least.

Cedric Paquette cost the team in this game with one of the uglier hits you’ll see. His signing wasn’t one expected to make waves for this team, but clearly it wasn’t one they needed to make happen. I’ll have some words about that hit.

My opinions about this team needing to fire someone have been documented well enough at this point, so I’ll avoid getting into that too much. At this point, it seems we really need to start wondering if it’s best to blow things up and go all in on the Shane Wright sweepstakes.

It will be tough to oust the Arizona Coyotes for the last spot in the NHL this year, but maybe stacking picks for a home draft isn’t the worst idea anyways. In the process, perhaps they can improve their lottery chances. A sad thought coming off a finals appearance, but returning to that stage seems to be a pipe dream at best.

Click the play button below to hear my full rant about this latest failure, and as always, we’ll be back after this coming Tuesday’s contest against the Detroit Red Wings.