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Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: Dress rehearsal is over

On with the show.

NHL: OCT 07 Preseason - Senators at Canadiens Photo by Vincent Ethier/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • News broke of Carey Price checking himself into the NHL/NHLPA assistance program today. Good for him. Just look out when he gets back.
  • Luckily we have Jake Allen in our corner. The guy who helped get us to the postseason last year.
  • Oh, hey! Caufield is back.

First period

  • Anderson opens the scoring 10 seconds in!! Extra special bonus: Lehky picks up the assist.
  • While waiting for a penalty to be called on the Sens, the Habs go for the extra man and Petry bangs in another one to make it 2-0. Oh, and we’re just four minutes in.
  • Romanov picks up both secondary assists. Somebody came to play tonight.
  • Allen faces a flurry of shots, stops about four of them, loses his stick and Norris manages to end up going top shelf to get the Sens on the board.
  • Evans gets crushed into the boards and is slow, very slow, to get up.
  • This is going to be a loooong season if panic sets in every time a Hab is touched.

Second period

  • Lehky almost makes it a two-goal lead once again. Almost. Story of Lehkonen’s life.
  • Instead, it’s Pinto who flat out beats Romanov and ties it up.
  • Evans is back. Whew. We haven’t even started the season yet. Please, no more injuries.
  • Savard heads to the box for holding.
  • Norris capitalizes on a turnover and Ottawa takes the lead.
  • Oh, Poehling. We can’t really afford a four-minute penalty right now. Agozzino, you bleed too easily.
  • If that wasn’t enough, Armia gets a dumb delay of game penalty to make it 5-on-3.
  • Clearly, the Habs feel bad for doing so well in the first period.
  • Poehling tries to bury one to redeem himself, but not only does it end with a non-goal, it ends with a scrum.
  • Things are evening out. Norris heads to the sin bin for a double-minor this time for roughing against Dvorak and Poehling. Just taking on everyone, hey Norris?
  • Four-on-four it is.
  • The good news is our penalty kill unit is looking pretty good tonight.
  • Ref calls a Sens goal that literally nobody else can see even if at every angle and in slow-mo.

Third period

  • So, all we need are three goals and for the Sens to not get anything else past Allen. Hmmm...
  • Well, we’re off to the power play so that’s a good start.
  • One goal down! Suzuki works at closing the gap with a PPG! Gallagher and Caufield pick up the assists. Now that was fun!
  • The NHL is cracking down on cross-checking. Caveat: unless they’re against Brendan Gallagher.
  • It’s not over until PETRY says it’s over!! We’re tied in the final minute. And off we go to...


  • Batherson hits the crossbar.
  • Caufield in all alone but taken down just inches from the net.
  • Batherson heads to the box for hooking and Ducharme calls a time out with 2.3 seconds left.
  • Shootout it is then.


  • Caufield is up... too slow, Cole.
  • Stutzle, nope.
  • Suzuki ran out of ice.
  • Zub. Fail.
  • Dvorak, you’re up. Notta.
  • Batherson goes wide.
  • Armia... shows ‘em how it’s done. Top corner. Boom!!
  • Brown also shows ‘em how it’s done.
  • Toffoli, got nuthin’.
  • Norris goes bar and in.
  • That’s it, folks. Time to get serious.