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Bottom Six Minutes 7: Kraken fodder

The Montreal Canadiens might want to request how to un-expand the league after Tuesday night.

Montreal Canadiens v Seattle Kraken Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

For the first time in longer than any of us have been alive, the Montreal Canadiens played a game of hockey against a team from Seattle.

Welcome to your Bottom Six Minutes

The Kraken raised a Stanley Cup banner for some reason, despite the fact that this particular cup was won by the Seattle Metropolitans, a team to which this current franchise has no ties aside from the city they play(ed) in. By this logic, the Montreal Canadiens actually have 37 cups, since they get to claim all of those won by other unrelated Montreal franchises. I don’t make these rules, but I do believe they mean that we have a few outstanding ceremonies.

At least the Canadiens have real Stanley Cups to their name, and they’ll have to take solace in that considering the beat down they were handed by Seattle on Tuesday night.

I’m once again left to contemplate in these bottom six minutes whether it is time for someone to get fired. Geoff Molson can’t possibly be happy with what he’s seeing, unless of course he’s a big Shane Wright fan and wants to see the best possible chance of drafting him. Something absolutely has to give, as this team is playing brutally uninspired hockey right now.

And there isn’t much time at all to figure it out, as they’ll be right back in action tomorrow against a Sharks team that already handed them an ugly loss this season.