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Canadiens vs. Sharks Top Six Minutes: Searching for answers

Hearing the complaints about scoring one goal, the Habs score zero goals instead.

NHL: OCT 19 Sharks at Canadiens Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Pre Game

  • From Jared before the game: The last time there was there was this much excitement surrounding a man named Hoff and sharks was when Baywatch premiered.

First Period

  • A little burst of speed on Josh Anderson’s off-wing and the game has begun.
  • A wristshot from Brent Burns finds a friendly stick and a screening Jeff Petry, and the scoring has started for San Jose. Jonathan Dahlen gets the goal.
  • Another good bit of work from Anderson on his usual wing, but the pass misses Dvorak in the slot.
  • Maybe Anderson should stop handling the puck, because the Sharks now have a second goal mere moments after he tried an offensive play. Jake Allen allows a rebound, and it’s an easy goal, his second of the period, for Dahlen.
  • Montreal now needs a season high in goals just to get a point.
  • Mike Hoffman gets involved in the physical stuff on one of his first shifts, but Brendan Gallagher comes to his aid. The result is a power play for San Jose.
  • The penalty kill looked very composed killing it off.
  • Anderson dangles and lays a big hit. Red alert.
  • We pause to highlight some Olympic medalists in attendance. Just to remind the Habs what winners look like.
  • At the 10-minute mark, Montreal gets a third shot on a weak flip from Alexander Romanov.
  • Another open net to Allen’s left, a poised Dahlen looking for a hat trick, but Brett Kulak prevents his third goal.
  • The first real extended period of offensive-zone time ends with a Hoffman hooking penalty.
  • The penalty kill looks pretty good again, despite some dangerous loose pucks at Allen’s feet. He’s really struggling with his reboun control tonight.
  • It’s another low pass to find a stick from the point. Erik Karlsson’s pass hits a Montreal foot instead, but he still gets the desired result: a 3-0 lead.
  • The horn sounds for the intermission, and it’s just stunned silence in the Bell Centre.

Second Period

  • We kick off the second period with an icing!
  • Good rush from David Savard, follow up by Dvorak, but go goal.
  • Dvorak tips a shot off the post. No goal, the loud ping brings the building to life.
  • Can’t have that. Back to the box they go, Cole Caufield may have saved a goal with a hook at the top of the crease.
  • Well he delayed one anyway. It’s 4-0 on the power play.
  • Anderson breakaway. Good stop by Adin Hill who just throws up the glove.
  • Montreal gets a power play on a delay of game penalty, and have some decent puck movement for once, but still too much reliance on perimeter shots.
  • Some more chances with the Dvorak line on the ice. It’s been the best of the night, and the season.
  • Caufield gets a great shot off a faceoff win, but out shoots that glove of Hill once again.
  • They’ve deicded they’ve had enough of drifting around the ice and are spending plenty of shifts in the offensive zone.
  • san Jose is just standing in the slot daring Montreal to go there, a challenge they’re unwilling to accept. So point shots it is.
  • The period comes to a close. A loud guitar solo drowns out the boos.
  • That ends another frustrating game for the Canadiens.

Third Period

  • Oh, there’s still another whole period left.
  • Hoffman is getting introduced to every teammate, because the blender is out again.
  • Caufield doesn’t whiff on his shot on the power play, but he does hit the post with a loud clank.
  • Good rush by Suzuki, who looks for Toffoli across the crease. As least there’s a bit of creativity.
  • San Jose is now just conserving its energy for the rest of the road trip. Shots are now even at 18 apiece.
  • Chris Wideman just about had his second goal of the season on a backdoor play. You hear his frustration as he slams the door at the bench.
  • Good tip by Drouin at the side of the net, but it just goes over the net.
  • Chiarot to the box. A blast off the post and in. It’s 5-0.
  • That’s the way this one ends.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) This was the correct choice

2) I’m halfway through War & Peace

1) We suck again