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Canadiens vs. Rangers Top Six Minutes: Drouin does his part

Drouin has another great evening in Montreal’s home opener, but the Habs otherwise fall flat, losing 3-1.

New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Pre Game

Please let me get to recap the first win of the season...Please let me get to recap the first win of the season...Please let me get to recap the first win of the season...Please let me get to recap the first win of the season...Please let me get to recap the first win of the season...

At the home opener too.

  • Uhg, don’t mind me crying over here as the crowd chants Carey when his name is announced.
  • Nothing like the team introductions to make you realize how many players whose names you know but whose faces you don’t recognize.
  • The usual suspects got good cheers, but oh boy, that cheer for Drouin.
  • Oh good. Alexis Lafreniere is gonna get a hat trick.
  • Hockey live in Montreal with a sold out crowd! Hope it’s a good one!

First Period

  • Surprise surprise, they’re already snarling at Brendan Gallagher.
  • That was a nice start by that whole line.
  • Please be a real power play...
  • wasn’t a total clusterfuck, so there’s that.
  • Uh oh....Poehling to the room... who broke the kid.
  • Please go play on the other end of the rink...
  • Dayum, that was an excellent chance from Anderson and company.
  • Caufield is just so fun. Even if he doesn’t create anything because he’s tripped.
  • Well, the bad news is that that was bad hockey. The good news is the Rangers weren’t playing any better.

Second Period

  • Habs. Please.
  • Oh god, again?
  • Well. That is unsurprising. Rangers score on their third power play. Habs, you have to tighten up!
  • AGAIN? Montreal!! Stop taking penalties!!!
  • That was extremely sloppy. They’re super lucky that the Rangers only scored once!
  • I will say, there are flashes though of something good from a bunch of different players. I bet it can still come together, given time...ans just as long as it doesn’t take TOO much time...

Third Period

  • Almost an exciting Suzuki moment.
  • Thank you Jake Allen for being awake on that power play.
  • Really Habs? Of course it is Lafreniere.
  • Jake Evans with a glorious rush. More please.
  • Drouin almost created another. And another. If only anyone else could get in on the scoring...
  • So that’s not a penalty? Ok.
  • Aaaand the empty netter. Nottttttt great.
  • Well, Drouin did it again. Unfortunately, again, Montreal wasn’t able to help him out to get the win.
  • Habs lose 3-1.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) It’s been quite the career

2) Time for a couple of days in the lab

1) It’s true