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Canadiens vs. Flames Top Six Minutes: Welcome Home!

The Habs continue to showcase their depth as they win their first at home this season.

Calgary Flames v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • Having healthcare workers announce the players onto the ice is a great touch
  • O Canada compilation finished off by the one and only Ginette Reno - goosebumps
  • Welcome home, boys

First Period

  • It’s a few minutes in and the Habs haven’t received a penalty yet...maybe we are turning over a new leaf?
  • Chiarot vs Tkachuk might be super fun tonight
  • It still feels dirty to say ‘Montreal Canadien Corey Perry,’ but here we are
  • Do ya’ll still hate Lucic as much as when he was with Boston or is that just me
  • PP GOAL and number three on the year for Brendan Ballagher - beautiful pass by Perry
  • Lindholm wide open and Price manages to get a stick on it
  • Shea Weber with a bomb of a shot on the PP and its redirected in front by Valimaki - Habs up 2-0
  • Ending the first with two pp this real life?

Second Period

  • Romanov throwing the body around makes me happy
  • Suzuki alone in front but can’t get it by Rittich
  • 2 on 1 and Kotkaniemi takes the shot, save made by Rittich but Anderson bats in the rebound for his first as a Hab on Bell Centre ice
  • Jeff Petry appreciation post
  • Kotkaniemi sets up Romanov with a gorgeous pass but he can’t bury it
  • Tyler Toffoli short handed goal! Give us all of the penalties
  • Habs up 4-0 heading into the third period

Third Period

  • Romanov gets a delay of game penalty for skating w/out a helmet - clearly confused about that rule lol
  • Tkachuk goes after Chiarot and Benny just drops him. You love to see it
  • Relatively tight period and the Flames have kept Montreal to only 2 SOG
  • Who said shutout.
  • Julien challenges the goal. With just over a minute left in the game. Up by 3...good goal and Habs head to the PK
  • Flames score
  • Price a bit slow to get up - hoping that’s just out of frustration
  • Habs win their first at home this year 4-2!

Highlight of the Night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. I think he’s got that locked up

2. Pretty good conversion rate

1. Two minutes for looking so good