Price played in his 2015 form

In the 5-1 win against Edmonton last night, the best player was easily Carey Price. He faced a shocking 35 shots against arguably the best offensive team in the league. His one goal against came in the last 8 minutes of the game, when Koekkoek shoot off Price's head and in the net.

Edmonton has two of the best forwards in the league, with Draisaitl and Mcdavid. These 2 players combined for a total of 8 shots. He also made some beautiful saves on Ryan Nugept-Hopkins and Yamamoto. Also, Montreal has had a lot of difficulty against the Oilers in the past, with 3 losses in a row against them, and their last win was in overtime. Price was also able to stop the best powerplay of last season on all 3 occasions.

With all that we saw last night, it would not be crazy to think that Price is still able to be the best goalie in the world, even at his older age. We saw a Price playing at his best, the same way he did in last year's playoffs and 2015. Obviously, we shouldn't be getting too excited, since it is only the second game of the season, but we can be happy.

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