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Canadiens @ Oilers Top Six Minutes: Braces from Petry and Tatar lead Habs to first win

Montreal scored early and often to knock off Edmonton.

Montreal Canadiens v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images
  • Hey, that new kid Romanov, who would have thought?

First Period

  • Goood chance for Anderson, right off the bat.
  • No goal, Draisaitl with “incidental contact” with Price before the puck was in the net.
  • Drouin to Toffoli, but the breakaway is missed.
  • Power Play for Montreal, let’s see what mr Kirk has cooked up.
  • Jeff Petry with a great Marcus Mariota impression, hand passes himself for an open net, and the opening goal.
  • Montreal corralling the Oilers deep into the Oiler zone. Lehkonen, Drouin, Romanov Suzuki, every line brings it. In the end it is Gallagher who hits the post, and the puck rests on the goal line.
  • Price calm as a cucumber when facing McDavid on a break away.
  • Josh Anderson brings in the puck, and parks himself in the corner with it.
  • Montreal should be more than 1-0 up...
  • ... and Price makes sure it stays that way.

Second period

  • Weber to the box, not the start we wanted.
  • Montreal kills of the penalty...
  • TUNA!!!!! Super snipe!
  • Price looks so secure and calm out there.
  • Toffoli needs a goal, he needs a confidence boost soon.
  • 3-0, the Danault line again, but its Jeff Petry that scores with another incredible bounce.
  • Lehkonen to the box
  • Price bails him out, with some acrobatics.
  • BOOM! Jake Evans gets his own rebound and scores his first goal of the season - on the penalty kill.
  • More penalty kill.
  • Price is Price.

Third Period

  • Romanov with a heavy shot.
  • Some chaos in our own end, but we manages in the end.
  • Some icings here from Montreal as the Oilers are pushing for a goal.
  • Price closes the door, barn and the vault - all at the same time.
  • Byron almost gets a goal.
  • Another one! Tatar with a brace, as he goes five hole!
  • Koekkoek - pulls one back. Price is a bit upset [understatement of the year].
  • Nurse with a dirty hit on Gallagher with less than four minutes to go.
  • 5-1, first win of the season is in the bag.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Turns out 19 other guys wanted that, too.

2. Evans really does it all!

1. Bring on the playoffs