Dubois situation is getting more interesting

There have been many rumors in these past few weeks surrounding Columbus' young center. In the 2016 draft, the habs were hoping that Dubois would fall to 9th, but they were not that lucky. Dubois ended up going to Columbus on the 3rd pick, and Montreal had to settle with Sergachev, who was later traded for Drouin.

In this 2021 season, the French-Canadian center has asked for a trade out of Columbus, with the two most likely destinations being Montreal and Winnipeg. Dubois is noticeably young at the age of 22, meaning his value would be extremely high. To acquire Pier-Luc Dubois, the habs would need to give a first-round pick and one of Suzuki or Kotkaniemi.

Kotkaniemi was drafted in 2018 by the Habs, and has had a confusing start to his career. He had an outstanding rookie season, getting 34 points in 79 games. Jeperi Kotkaniemi then had an unexpected downfall, ending up in the AHL for the biggest part of last season. Hopefully, he can bounce back this season, behind a promising Suzuki.

Suzuki would be the other young center put in a trade with Columbus. Suzuki is 21, one year younger than Dubois. He was acquired in the trade sending Pacioretty to Vegas. He also had a great rookie season, finishing in the all-rookie team. This year is his second season in the NHL, and he scored the first goal of the season for Montreal against Toronto. He seems like he will become a better player than Kotkaniemi, but everything can change so quickly.

Could we see a trade with Columbus in these next few weeks, only time will tell. I personally think that the price for Dubois is a little too big, and I think it would hurt the Canadiens for then it would help. What do you think? Should Montreal go for Dubois? And if so, what should they give away?

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