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Brendan Gallagher to undergo further tests, status in question

The Canadiens forward may have to leave the bubble which would rule him out of Game 6.

Montreal Canadiens v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Five Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher has to undergo further testing, making his status for Game 6 in question.

As of right now, Gallagher has not left the bubble but will be undergoing tests. Pierre LeBrun has reported that he will be undergoing a CT-Scan but would not have to leave the bubble. Any player who leaves the bubble must undergo at least a four-day quarantine and have four negative tests. Gallagher leaving the bubble would rule him out of Game 6.

There are questions as well, to whether the Canadiens forward will be healthy enough to take part regardless of whether he leaves the bubble. LeBrun also reports that Gallagher would not have to leave the bubble.

It was reported on Wednesday night that NHL Player Safety is looking at the cross check from Matt Niskanen late in Game 5. No news on that has been released.

That video has been sent to the league to support the Canadiens view that there should be supplemental discipline on the play, according to Kirk Muller.

NHL Player Safety has confirmed that Niskanen will have a hearing for the play.