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Canadiens @ Flyers Top Six Minutes: Habs do the flying on Friday afternoon

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Kotkaniemi’s brace leads the Habs to a 5-0 shutout performance in their first game without Claude Julien.

Montreal Canadiens v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Two Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

It will be very different to not see Claude Julien behind the bench today, first and foremost my thoughts go to him, and his family, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

First Period:

  • Puck is dropped, and the sun is still up in Sweden!
  • TUNA!!!!! Within a minute, alright 1:02 into the game! 1-0 Good Guys.
  • Almost two - Gallagher, but a good blocker save from Hart.
  • What have Montreal eaten lately, they play a completely different game of hockey. I like it.
  • Suzuki with a great steal, and he almost nets it.
  • 10 minutes in, and Philly hasn’t had a shot on goal yet.
  • Kotkaniemi bulldozes Giroux and steals the puck, but the line goes offside. Kotkaniemi loves playoff hockey.
  • I just have to insert that Bayern just scored a fourth on Barca.
  • Tatar to the box.
  • First Philly shot with 3:30 remaining...
  • ... and Price saves the rebound.
  • Domi alone with the keeper, but Gostisbehere pulls him down. Montreal will start the second period with a man advantage.

Second Period:

  • Drouin to the box, can Philly use this to their advantage?
  • Well, Lehkonen adds to Philly’s chances as he goes to the box as well, 1:38 with a two man disadvantage.
  • Price, Price, Price, PRICE!
  • ... and Montreal are back to full strength.
  • Konecny has a meltdown when he gets back to the bench; I love this.
  • Alphonso Davies just did SOME magic in the Bayern vs Barca game.
  • Flyers getting frustrated, but the Montreal players stay disciplined.
  • ... and Hart is pulled!
  • Max Domi with a Chris Kreider impression, but Domi gets called for it.
  • Flyers pulls the goalie with 6.2 seconds left in the period, but Carey Price saves that shot too.

Third Period:

  • Armia hits the post.
  • Konecny takes a stupid penalty, Montreal to the power play.
  • Weber, yes Weber, with the big save - when Price, for once, was out of the position.
  • Run the goalie approach from Derek Grant, and he gets called for it.
  • THE EAGLE SCORES! Kotkaniemi has a brace of goals!
  • Konecny is out of the game after taking a shoot to the leg.
  • Some rumble, but the refs make sure it doesn’t escalate.
  • Carey Price (and Shea Weber) has the clean sheet!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) I think that’s right

2) The breakout is complete

1) That’s how you honour a person.