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Canadiens @ Flyers Top Six Minutes: There’s always Game 2

The game picked up in the second period but not enough for the win. Oh, and poor Lehkonen.

Montreal Canadiens v Philadelphia Flyers - Game One Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Who thought we’d be watching the playoffs in August?
  • Better yet, who thought we’d be watching the Habs in the playoffs?

First period

  • This is already a better start than Pittsburgh. Price hasn’t faced 17 shots in the first five minutes (exaggeration... but not really)
  • Welcome to the playoffs, Suzuki. I’m sure that’s what Konecny is saying during all the after-whistle shoving.
  • Drouin must think the game is a bit too slow because he decides to make it 5-on-4 and heads to the box. I don’t have a good feeling about this.
  • The good news — I’m psychic. The bad news — I’m psychic.
  • I mean, I didn’t predict that Byron would help guide the puck past Price but I can’t know everything.
  • Lehkonen is so close to picking up where he left off with the best shot so far.
  • Kulak wakes Hart up by creating a flurry of chances but Hart fights through the traffic and keeps the puck out.
  • Grant slams Price into his net and was so close to feeling the wrath of Price. I mean, really close.
  • I mean, it was really Oulette’s fault for pushing a full-speed ahead Grant, but a blocker to the head is always fun.

Second period

  • We’re starting with a little 4-on-4. Let’s hope this works out more in our favour than the penalty kill.
  • Lehkonen with another great chance.
  • Here we go, we’re finally picking up some speed and the Habs start to really pile on the pressure.
  • Gallagher’s wraparound attempt rolls up Hart’s back but not in the net.
  • Lehkonen heads in for yet another shot all by himself and... gets a flat tire. Fight those hockey gods, Lehky. Fight them.
  • Flyers have a wide open net and even though Price is on his stomach, he gets his stick on it and send the puck over the net and into the glass. Ah-maz-ing.
  • Gallagher breaks a blade trying to block a shot and scrambles to the bench. If you’re ever having a bad day, just watch hockey players trying to get off the ice with a broken skate blade.
  • The Captain gets his team on the board to tie it up with a power-play goal!!
  • Well, that excitement was short-lived. Sixteen seconds later Farabee gives the Flyers the lead once again.
  • Geez man. You think you would have given us a little time to enjoy it.

Third period

  • Lehkonen is absolutely due for a goal tonight.
  • Time for another 4-on-4 as Domi and Farabee head to their respective corners.
  • And Lehkonen’s luck continues as he joins Domi in the box and sends the Flyers to another power play.
  • Sure, let’s give the Flyers another chance to score on the power play. Why not, Chiarot? Being just one goal behind isn’t enough for you?
  • Nate Thompson just misses the insurance goal. Well, obviously he doesn’t want to score on his old teammate. That’s just being respectful.
  • A big hit by Petry, followed by another almost-goal by (no, not Lehkonen) Gallagher with four minutes left.
  • Suzuki off the crossbar with 26 seconds left!
  • Well, there’s always Game 2.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) And it finally did

2) Saved by his guardian angel

1) This isn’t even their final form