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Canadiens vs. Leafs Top Six Minutes: Power Play Pandemic

The Habs lost by two goals. Two goals they allowed whilst on the power play

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Imagine if you will, one year ago today, someone told you that the Montreal Canadiens would be playing hockey in July and August. First, you’d probably wonder how the playoffs could possibly last that long, and second, you’d wonder how in the hell the Habs got that far in the playoffs.

Now if they told you a game on July 28 would be an exhibition game in preparation for a very, very late playoff, you’d probably slap them for trolling you. Well, this is real life. We get a single tune-up game tonight, after which the Habs will meet the Pittsburgh Penguins to see if they can advance to the actual Coronavirus Cup playoffs.

We’re in for a good time, if not a long time. And hey, even if they can’t take down the Penguins, the consolation prize is a 12.5% chance at Alexis Lafrenière. Or an 87.5% chance of drafting 9th overall if you’re a glass half-empty kind of person.

Let’s at least start this right by destroying the confidence of the Toronto Maple Leafs, please.

First Period

  • My biggest concern is that when the Leafs score they’ll play their insufferable goal song despite not having any fans in the building. Please don’t do that.
  • Auston Matthews looks like the kind of dude you’d find at a strip club at 3PM on a Wednesday.
  • I can’t tell if they played the goal song, but I could definitely tell that Toronto scored less than a minute in. Ben Chiarot probably shouldn’t pinch and leave John Tavares behind him...
  • Well Jordan Weal just took a slashing penalty for literally touching an opposing player’s stick. Good to know the refs are also not in game shape... Or they are...
  • Joel Armia just got his stick touched quite a bit harder and it wasn’t a penalty...
  • These tune up games are as much for the refs as the players. On that note it’s wildly sloppy play.
  • A Habs power play!!
  • I don’t know why I was even excited about that for a second...
  • Well that was a period of hockey. Not gonna lie, I’m very thankful it exists, but that’s about all I can say about it right now.
  • 1-0 Leafs after one.

Second Period

  • Lafrenière is trending in the province of Quebec right now. It just might be due to the quality of play we’re seeing here.
  • The Habs killed off a penalty, got a chance to score from Alex Belzile, then were immediately sent back to the penalty kill.
  • At least it’s not a power play amirite?
  • Oh, well now the Habs have a power play of their own...
  • Aaaaaaaaand they got scored on by Alex Kerfoot. 2-0 Leafs.
  • It’s almost comforting to know that some things never change, even amidst a global pandemic. Like the Habs having a garbage power play.
  • I know the NHL has been planning to try and censor the players on the ice, but they’re not doing a stellar job because there was a very audible and loud FUCK just now.
  • Honestly, it was the highlight of the game for me at this point.
  • Ah, the Habs are going back to the power play. I point you to the earlier expletive that was yelled in the arena to serve as my comment.
  • Holy shit, they actually scored?
  • Lol, of course it was after the power play had ended. Tomas Tatar from Nick Suzuki and it’s now only 2-1. C’mon and stumble your way to a win for us boys!
  • Or don’t... Alex Kerfoot again. 3-1 Leafs.

Third Period

  • I know this game doesn’t matter at all, but I’ve been without hockey for four months, and I’d really like to see the Leafs lose.
  • I must say, for how sloppy the play looks, the ice surface itself in Toronto looks great to me. Really good job by the people in Toronto to make good ice near the end of July.
  • I wonder if the Zamboni driver who works for the Leafs and beat them in a real game flooded the ice for them today...
  • Paul Byron doesn’t do what Paul Byron does for Paul Byron. Paul Byron does what Paul Byron does because Paul Byron IS... Paul Byron.
  • 3-2 and Lord Byron has us back in this.
  • Not ONE SECOND after I typed that last bullet point, the Habs are awarded a maudit power play. Please kill it off properly.
  • LMAO. 4-2 Leafs. The Habs’ power play is -2 on the night. Coincidentally the same amount of goals by which they are currently losing.
  • Another Habs power play... As if the Leafs needed help at this point.
  • Hey, nobody scored this time. Progress!!
  • That’s all for tonight, folks. We’ll see each other again on Saturday night.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) It’s true. The fake crowd was super biased.

2) Don’t worry, friend. If this is any sign we still maintain our 87.5% chance of not getting Lafrenière.

1) There is no such thing as a perfect comment...