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The Dispatch: Samuel Johannesson, Rögle’s young defender, is shooting up the rankings

In a follow-up to our earlier draft profile on the over-age Swedish blue-liner, we discuss his future with his SHL coach, Cam Abbott.

Rögle BK

Anton Rasegård and Patrik Bexell went to Ängelholm in February to watch one of the players who had been making a case for himself before the 2020 NHL Draft, Samuel Johannesson. The defender is an over-ager who has blossomed in Rögle, and with recent over-ager Mattias Norlinder’s success, many NHL scouts were keen to not miss out on another Swedish puck-mover.

The podcast takes a look at the defenceman, but also gets a short interview with Rögle’s coach, Cam Abbott, in regard to his young protegé. When pointing out that Johannesson is risiing up the draft charts, Mr. Abbott can’t really hold back, saying, “You are not kidding!”

We take a look at the strengths and weaknesses, but also the role that Johannesson can have next season with Rögle. Since the SHL will start on its usual schedule, he should continue to make a strong case for himself before the draft.