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UPDATED: Multiple Canadiens players have had false positive tests for the coronavirus

The Habs have been hit by the virus just ahead of the start of Phase 3.

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Minnesota Wild v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

According to an article from The Athletic, the Montreal Canadiens have been informed of multiple positive COVID-19 tests.

UPDATE: The Athletic is now reporting that two of the positive tests have been found to be false positives

Many of the players who were expected to be on the qualifying-round roster have now arrived in Montreal. The roster of 33 players attending training camp was made on Sunday night. The first practice was held on Monday.

Earlier today it was announced that Max Domi would be waiting seven to 10 days before joining the team as its most at-risk player, and this news could be part of that explanation. It’s unclear when the positive results were found, but players were on the ice for training as early as yesterday.

News of this outbreak has not come from official sources; the NHL has taken over all reporting of positive cases, and doesn’t list them by team. It seems someone involved in the process has circumvented the reporting protocol to share the news.

The NHL has announced that 43 players have tested positive, including 30 of the 600 players who took part in the NHL’s Phase Two.