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NHL to open training camps July 10

Phase 3 has a set date in place but is subject to change based on health and safety conditions.

NHL at Kraft Hockeyville Canada Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/NHLI via Getty Images

The National Hockey League and the NHLPA have officially announced a formal date for training camps to start, and that date is July 10.

There are caveats here, and like everything surrounding re-opening during the pandemic it depends on safety and health conditions to allow for it.

A July 10 start date for training camps would mean it would be late July or early August at the earliest before we see games take place. Considering teams will need to have to travel to the hub city and get acclimated, August seems more likely assuming that there are no other setbacks.

With an official date set in place, it means that players will start making arrangements to get back into their home cities. All but three Canadiens players are outside of the city, many of them outside the country.

As the date approaches, we should start seeing more players returning to the city. As of now a 14-day quarantine is still necessary for professional athletes in Canada, although teams and league officials are said to be working on that.