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The Dispatch: Frölunda coach Roger Rönnberg — “We know [Mattias Norlinder] will break through in our league”

The head coach likes what he’s seen so far, and now looks to keep the prospect’s upward trend going.

EHC Biel-Bienne v Frolunda HC - Champions Hockey League Photo by RvS.Media/Robert Hradil/Getty Images

Roger Rönnberg, the head coach of the SHL’s Frölunda HC, praised his newest young adept, Mattias Norlinder, believing that having played centre during his Junior hockey benefits the offensive-minded defender. He witnessed how that same path had benefited another defender who went through Frölunda’s ranks in recent history: Rasmus Dahlin. Rönnberg compares the two players, noting that they both have the same mental approach.

“I love the mindset that they are playing hockey with. They are competitive, they want to win with the team, they do everything they can to help their team to win hockey games.”

Mr. Rönnberg has “high expectations on the young kid,” but he also wants people to know that it will take some time. “He can take another step to eventually be a top defender for us.” In our conversation, he outlines the development and role that Norlinder will have in one of the best teams in Sweden for the upcoming two years.

You can listen to the full interview below, or where you usually find your Eyes On The Prize podcasts: