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Canadiens @ Panthers Top Six Minutes: At least they didn’t help the Leafs

The Habs didn’t do much of anything, but I like to think they were just playing spoiler for the Leafs.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Florida Panthers Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Roberto Luongo had his jersey retired by the Florida Panthers tonight. It delayed the game, which is fine, but not when TVA just shows commercials the whole time and CBC thinks I’m actually going to watch the Senators and Sharks.

It is a nice reminder for Montreal Canadiens fans, however, that things could always be worse. You could miss the playoffs and have your lottery pick going to another team. And then have to play the team that has your pick in a game that will only increase their chances of getting first overall, one way or the other.

That should be Marc Bergevin’s message moving forward: “Hey, at least we’re not the Sharks, right?”

First Period

  • Christian Folin decided that a great way to start this game would be taking a tripping penalty like two minutes in. Bold strategy because the Habs have actually been better short-handed at times.
  • Keith Yandle just uncorked a slapper that looked like it could have decapitated Charlie Lindgren. Shooting at face level is an interesting strategy. Unlikely to get many goals, but interesting.
  • Halfway through the period and I don’t even believe that there has been more than 10 total shots on goal. Not impressed here.
  • I believe that on the night Roberto Luongo had his jersey retired, there should be a goalie fight.
  • C’mon even if you don’t like fighting, you want to see a goalie fight. Don’t lie.
  • I’ll allow the old man Ray to give you a perfect summation of the first period.

Second Period

  • Artturi Lehkonen is so unlucky he can just try to get a loose puck and end up elbowing someone in the mouth accidentally.
  • He didn’t get called, which is surprising considering how unlucky he generally is.
  • Lindgren came to play here, folks.
  • Apparently Chris Driedger also came to play. Not going to lie, I didn’t know who he was until today.
  • I can already tell I don’t like him.
  • Him and Lindgren should totally fight, people paid to be at this game let them have something.
  • Hey look at that, an absolute bullshit slashing call against Max Domi. Even the refs just want something to happen.
  • Lucas Wallmark just waited for the penalty to end then scores so I can’t yell at the refs. 1-0 Florida.
  • The Habs had a full four-minute power play, including about a minute of five-on-three time, and they did exactly nothing with it.
  • Then proceeded to take a too much man penalty just for shits and giggles.
  • Le sigh... 1-0 after two.

Third Period

  • Oh Charlie Lindgren just made a fantastic save.
  • Oh... Charlie Lindgren just allowed a really bad goal. 2-0.
  • MacKenzie Weegar is a dick.
  • Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... 3-0. Jonathan Huberdeau
  • How is nobody getting fired? Not only are the Habs absolutely not making the playoffs for the third straight year, they are on the verge of playing 120 minutes of scoreless hockey.
  • But nobody is getting fired. Keith Kinkaid kinda got fired. I mean, they did get rid of him.
  • The good news here is that maybe Florida ousts the Toronto Maple Leafs. That would be a source of great comfort to me.
  • Well, Jake Evans begs to differ. 3-1.
  • That was a no-look shot. Evans is literally staring at the ice and just throws a hail mary. It worked.
  • Empty netter. 4-1. I’d say fuck everything but I have decided to accept a positive in all of this. Florida is going to knock the Leafs out of the playoffs.
  • Schadenfreude. I’m here for it.

EOTP 3 stars

3) This is generally a key to not losing.

2) Garry Galley has said enough before he even starts to speak