Don't have RDS? Here's a Habs winning streak playlist

In distant, distinctly non-icy Australia, with the pandemic raging, working on the front line in a hospital, I'm in need of an escapist sport fix! In case anyone else needs the same, here's a playlist of YouTube Habs wins:

Leafs vs Canadians 1979 Quarter Final game 1 Quality OK, complete with fabulous 1970s advertisements

Canadians vs Bruins, Game 7 of 1979 Stanley Cup semifinal Watching this, I think Don Cherry must've had some sort of curse... and I am glad of it! Great hockey

Habs vs Penguins, 2010 playoffs game 6 Wouldn't you like to see the Habs playing in May? In a normal year? I sure as heck would (June too).

Canadians - Buffalo Feb 1993 The last Stanley Cup team in a barn-burner. Defence... what's that for?

1993 Stanley Cup finals game 5 If only I had known about ice hockey at this time....

Habs vs Leafs Feb 2015 Not exactly a classic team, but Carey Price's great season.

Canadiens - Penguins Oct 2010 Markov! Price! Kostopoulos.... whatever.

Happy Hockey!

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