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A guide to RDS’s “28-Game Winning Streak” marathon

The games that will be broadcast and why are they notable.

Ottawa Senators v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Richard Wolowicz/NHLI via Getty Images

RDS will be broadcasting a series of 28 Montreal Canadiens games over the course of 14 days starting Monday, March 30. It is notable that each one of these games is a win, so while we sit in isolation, we can at least watch an entertaining victory or two.

The games selected by RDS range from 2008 to 2020, which covers a lot of ground. Eyes On The Prize has been providing coverage of the team since 2006, so we dug into our archives to put together a guide of these games by linking our original game recaps, with a few interesting details about each contest (you may want to skip those if you want to watch with no spoilers). Check the link to the RDS page for a complete broadcast schedule.

Monday, March 30

Tuesday, March 31

Wednesday, April 1

Thursday, April 2

Friday, April 3

Saturday, April 4

Sunday, April 5

Monday, April 6

Tuesday, April 7

Wednesday, April 8

Thursday, April 9

Friday, April 10

Saturday, April 11

  • Game 25: October 31. 2019 vs. Vegas Golden Knights, Keith Kinkaid records his only win as a Montreal Canadien while Jonathan Drouin’s strong start to the season continues.
  • Game 26: January 8, 2011 vs. Boston Bruins, The Montreal Canadiens’ 3000th home game is a spirited affair between two heated rivals, famous for Zdena Chara losing his cool after Max Pacioretty shoved him in passing after the winger scored.

Sunday, April 12