2005 Draft: Who was better pick - Price or Kopitar ?

With the full benefit of hindsight, who should the Habs have picked in the 2005 draft: Carey Price or Anze Kopitar ?

While Price has tantalized Habs fans with his promise and (mostly) performance, Kopitar has also delivered a stellar NHL career. Both are currently signed for multi-year $10+ million contracts and will ultimately earn career pay well north of $100 million, but what we are looking at today is career-to-date performance and contribution to team results.

Price had the dream year in 2014-15, winning Hart/Jennings/Vezina/Lindsay while Kopitar has brought home the impressive, albeit lesser, silverware of Byng/Selke/Selke. Not to be forgotten, Kopitar also wears two Stanley Cup rings.

While Price has been the acknowledged 'best' player on the Habs during his career he is only ranked 220/264 in SV% of goalies who have played since his debut in 2007-8. The view is better when one considers GAA where Price is ranked 54th ( BTW one position behind Jaroslav Halak at 53, but I digress !! ).

Kopitar meanwhile is 16th in goals scored and 6th in points ( behind only Ovechkin, Kane, Crosby, Malkin, and Backstrom ).

Given that the Habs' major challenge of the past decade has been lack of goal-scoring and that NHL goalies appear to be readily replaceable ( i.e. Fleury / Murray / Jarry ), who was the better pick, Price or Kopitar ?

2005 Draft: Who should the Habs have picked - Price or Kopitar ?

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