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Canadiens @ Devils Top Six Minutes: The Last Laugh

Ilya Kovalchuk gets the last laugh as Montreal overcomes a rough start and a last minute tying goal to win in the shoot-out.

Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils Photo by Adam Hunger/NHLI via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Everyone is sick. The Habs are sick, the Devils are sick, I'm sick.

First Period

  • So like...considering the amount of times the Habs have played Nashville and New Jersey since they traded Subban, they've actually PLAYED against Subban very little.
  • Huh. Montreal looking pretty good on this shift.
  • That was a pretty soft call.
  • If Joel Armia making life VERY interesting on the PK.
  • Damn it. And they were doing so well too.
  • Good lord. Charlie Lindgren just made up for that goal earlier, me thinks.
  • Dale Weise with a surprisingly good move to keep that rush from ending in a shot.
  • OH MY CHARLIE. (What was that defensive coverage though?)
  • Oh lord, Habs.

Second Period

  • Smooth skating Jeff Petry. <3
  • Oh Joel.
  • sigh
  • Another soft call drawn by the same player.
  • EXTRA sigh
  • Weise drops the gloves.
  • I agreed to write about this why?
  • Someone's still waiting for their first NHL points? Welp, congratulations on getting that tonight.
  • I wish falling over worked so well for Montreal when it came to drawing penalties.
  • Good boy, Joel.
  • That should have been a penalty shot.
  • Oh for fuck's sake.
  • Of course Domingue got his first win/save against the Habs. Of course.
  • That was a lovely defensive move from Petry.
  • One day Montreal will draw a power play.
  • What on earth was Domi doing.
  • JOEL ARMIA. He definitely deserved that one.
  • Joel wants to win this game, and he'll do it all by himself if he has to.
  • WOOOOOOOOOOOO. Nate the Great!
  • Well, they seem to have woken up.
  • Damn it, Domingue!

Third Period

  • Oh look, a power play!
  • Oh no, a power play.
  • Wow. WEBER with the foot speed to bail them out of trouble!
  • Uhg Suzuki rings iron. That was almost glorious.
  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. What a rush from Domi, and that finish from Cousins was great.
  • If Gally had scored, I would probably have yelled.
  • Montreal has really, really woken up.
  • Really excellent back-check from Cousins there.
  • There is SO much hockey left.
  • The only way this game could get better is if Gally would score. (I mean, if they win, that would DEFINITELY be better.)
  • Too many men? Montreal, REALLY?
  • They're gonna blow this stupid lead, aren't they.
  • I regret saying that out loud.
  • This is so typically Montreal this year.


  • WOW. That SPEED from Kovalchuk. I didn't know he could DO that. He wanted that goal so bad.
  • At least we have Suzuki in this rubbish year.
  • Kovy just wants this so bad.
  • Damn it Domingue.
  • I hate the shoot-out so much, you guys.
  • If only Montreal had played like that all game.
  • Nice save for Charlie.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Perhaps Bergevin can use this joke in trade conversations with other GMs this month

2) Not sure where that came from

1) Well some are in for a surprise in the morning