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European Prospect Report: Alexander Romanov’s Far East trip comes with an additional surprise

After completing his tour through the eastern clubs of the KHL, Romanov will head to Scandinavia for international play.

Kontinental Hockey League: CSKA Moscow vs Kunlun Red Star Beijing Photo by Yelena Rusko\TASS via Getty Images

Alexander Romanov, CSKA, KHL, Russia

This week was the Far East road trip for CSKA as they faced Admiral Vladivostok and the Amur Tigers before returning to play the Kunlun Red Star in Moscow (but as the designated visitor). Romanov got a lot of time on the ice, more than 20 minutes against Amur, with 14:44 being the least amount he skated in the final game against Kunlun.

Romanov finished the trip with a minus-two rating, and was on the ice for three goals against in the game against Amur. However, only one of the goals was something that could be marked against the Montreal prospect. He got caught standing still and off-guard when Zohorna stepped on the pedal and Romanov couldn’t hold him on the outside. It’s an unfortunate own goal in the end, but it was a lapse in judgment from the defenceman to set it up.

In a surprise revelation, Romanov was selected for the national team that will travel to Helsinki and play Finland on Thursday before going to Stockholm to face Sweden and the Czech Republic in the Sweden Hockey Games over the weekend. Russia brings a young team, but it is still his first real international tournament at the senior level, and it will be interesting to see which role The Tsar gets in this new experience.

Frederik Dichow, Malmö U20, SuperElite / Malmö Redhawks SHL, Sweden

The Danish goalie stood tall in the only game he played this week when Malmö won against Södertälje by a 4-2 score. Dichow let in two pucks five-on-five but made 36 saves for a .947 save percentage, in a game where he was “Carey Price-like” according to the reports. In the last period, The Gnome faced 15 shots and caught all of them before Malmö scored in the empty net to finish the game off.

Jesse Ylönen, Lahti Pelicans, Liiga, Finland

Ylönen got another assist during a week where the Pelicans won the game against KalPa in overtime, but lost 6-0 to top team TPS Åbo in the week’s first game.

As the team’s struggles continue, Ylönen carries on his own quest to develop for his future hockey career. He looks sharp and has the same bite to his skating, and he was being used heavily. It is a tough situation for the young Finn, but it is an experience that he will learn and grow from.

Arsen Khisamutdinov, Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk (KHL) / CSK VVS Samara (VHL), Russia

Only one game for the forward this week, and he only played four-and-a-half minutes. One would have to think that it would be better to play in the VHL than get these limited numbers in the KHL.

Mattias Norlinder, Modo, HockeyAllsvenskan, Sweden

Injured - Day-to-day, and did not play last week. He should return to the ice shortly.

Joni Ikonen, KalPa, Liiga, Finland

Injured - Could make a return with KalPa if the team reaches the playoffs.

Jacob Olofsson, Skellefteå AIK, SHL, Sweden

Injured - Out for the season with a shoulder injury that will require surgery.