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Canadiens vs. Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: SPOILER ALERT

The Canadiens blew a three-goal lead in regulation, but thankfully overtime exists.

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Well, the playoffs are a goner. If the Canadiens could manage a winning record in games where they held two goal leads, or even just games against the worst team in the league, it may not be so. But alas,

That being said, a delicious opportunity to play spoiler against the Hurricanes awaits. That’s what you get for matching the Aho offer sheet, jerks.

Unless a zamboni driver shows up to ruin it...

First Period

  • Well, well, well. A one goal lead for the Habs less than three minutes in. Phillip Danault is all about playing spoiler. 1-0 Habs.
  • Don’t score another goal. We all know what happens if you score another goal...
  • Ah, Brett Kulak to the box. A hurricanes power play seems like a good way to ruin the one goal lead and make sure it doesn’t get to two.
  • Or not. Carolina just baiting the Habs to score next.
  • Oh no, a Habs power play. Guys we do not want the two goal lead. Do not score here.
  • Tomas Tatar in alone and he gets stopped. I like to think he got stopped on purpose.
  • Ben Chiarot just threw Sebastian Aho to the ice, as if the latter were a small child. That wouldn’t have happened if he played for the Habs... Something for him to think about.
  • One period down. So far, no two goal lead. Success!

Second Period

  • You probably didn’t need me to tell you this, but you may still need to hear it: Nick Suzuki is good at hockey. Best silver lining I could have asked for this year.
  • Jake Evans almost scored. I like to think he missed on purpose because fuck two goal leads, right?
  • Max Domi just doesn’t get it. At all. Scores a goal, makes it 2-0, and all but guarantees that the bunch of jerks will take this game.
  • BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Brendan Gallagher makes it 3-0 in short order. Maybe, just maaaaaybe, they can hold a lead of the three-goal variety.
  • That will bring out Alex Nedeljkovic as a relief goaltender. I’m drinking beer tonight so I can promise that is the only time I’ll spell his name right.
  • I actually paused my TV while he skated by a camera to get it right that time...
  • Uh oh... The three goal lead just became two thanks to Haydn Fleury. 3-1 Habs and we’re back in a position that this team does not want to be in.
  • Habs get a power play but somehow Vincent Trochek gets a breakaway... Very Habs.
  • Very not Habs for said breakaway to be stopped, however.
  • 3-1 after two periods. The dreaded two goal lead will go to the third.

Third Period

  • Dear lord... 3-2. That was ridiculously fast.
  • At least it seems like the Habs are trying to play offense a little in this particular game. Unfortunately they sat in their shell long enough to make this a game.
  • Four-on-four alert! Some of the most wide-open, fun hockey.
  • Nothing doing. Probably good news for the Habs.
  • Another Habs power play, another break for the Canes, this time for Aho.
  • That was a serious dive by Aho trying to get a penalty shot. Now I’m kinda glad the Canes matched the offer sheet, we don’t need that garbage.
  • That last bullet was a lie because the Habs absolutely do need a Sebastian Aho.
  • I realize that losing is better for the Habs right now in terms of lottery odds, but I really want them to spoil the Canes’ run after that whole saga and how smug their fans were.
  • Plus, I think I’ll die if this team blows a three-goal lead.
  • Nedejdkexxxrlevidch just got pulled for the extra skater.
  • Told you I’d misspell his name at some point.
  • Reminder that Williams is the piece of shit who sticked Saku Koivu in the eye many years ago. I hate him.


  • Jeff Petry just tried to score with one hand, after skating around the Canes’ zone using that same hand.
  • You can blow a three-goal lead, apparently, as long as you get it to overtime.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) I think we all do agree that Garry should shut up.

2) Uhhhhhhhhhh... At least they didn’t. Not completely, anyways.

1) I mentioned this earlier. I, too, have not forgiven Mr. Williams. I hope he doesn’t get to play in the playoffs this year.