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European Prospect Report: Jan Myšák gets an assist on the international stage

Mattias Norlinder’s Karjala Cup tournament was cut short by an injury, though it is being downplayed as minor.

Jan Myšák, HC Litvinov, Extraliga, Czech Republic

Myšák played on the wing versus Sweden and had a better game then compared to when he played centre against Russia. He was more successful on the wing, playing to his strengths including getting a few breakaway chances, his game seems to have worked better there at this level.

During Sunday’s game at the Karjala Cup tournament, Myšák seemed to be over-eager. It seemed as though he tried to be the leader and difference-maker rather than a teammate. It wasn’t just him, as most of the younger Czech players wanted to showcase/prove themselves. He held on to the puck for too long, and didn’t use his teammates when he could. His line lacked chemistry, which something that is common in a short tournament like this, but there’s also the fact that COVID-19 has prevented some of the players from playing for over a month.

Myšák had a breakaway and two shots from around the circles in the game against Russia. He was okay in transition, and took a few shots from outside of the home-plate area, one of them from a very sharp angle where he probably should have made a better decision.

The centreman comes away from the tournament with an assist, but it looks like his role further down the line could be that of a winger. He has all the tools to succeed on the wing. He can use his speed more in that position and is more dangerous on breakaways and on the forecheck. It would also free him up so he doesn’t have to be as responsible defensively.

He needs to improve his deception, just as David St-Louis mentioned in his draft review of Myšák. He needs to recognize when to go it alone and when to look around for teammates, especially if he wants to run the power play. This could come with experience, and only time will tell how Myšák develops, but these are things to look out for.

In Thursday’s game versus Sweden, Myšák had his only assist of the tournament:

Mattias Norlinder, Frölunda, SHL, Sweden

Norlinder played in the same tournament as Myšák, but finished it early as he got tangled up with a Russian player and seems to have hurt his shoulder. The Swedish Ice Hockey Association sent out an email saying it was a “precaution” to take Norlinder out of the game, and referred to it as an “upper-body injury.”

Norlinder didn’t participate in the last game of the tournament, but was simply rested according to SIHA. We will continue to monitor Norlinder’s injury and will update the article as soon as we hear something from Norlinder’s SHL club, Frölunda.

Alexander Gordin, SKA-1946 Saint Petersburg, MHL, Russia

One game for Gordin, and one assist:

Lukas Vejdemo, Södertälje SK [Loan], HockeyAllsvenskan, Sweden

Vejdemo returned to the ice after having been rested after a heavy hit in one of the previous games. Upon his return he played well, but was held scoreless.

In the second game of the week, Vejdemo got two assists. From the half-wall, Vejdemo threaded a pass through the zone to Samuel Fagemo for a goal.

Vejdemo also had a hand in the game-winner, as he passed back to the defender who scored from the blue line.

Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Ässät [Loan], Liiga, Finland

No games for Kotkaniemi as the European leagues are on an international break.

Jesse Ylönen, Pelicans [Loan], Liiga, Finland

No games as the European leagues are on an international break.

Otto Leskinen, KalPa [Loan], Liiga, Finland

No games as the European leagues are on an international break.

Jacob Olofsson, Skellefteå AIK, SHL, Sweden

No games as the European leagues are on an international break.

Joni Ikonen, Ilves, Liiga Finland

Still no update on Ikonen’s injury.