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NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys: Voting results reveal the brilliant and the atrocious

You voted... Here are the results.

A few days ago, Eyes On The Prize released a poll to grade the new Adidas Reverse Retro jerseys that National Hockey League teams will use during the 2020-21 season. After receiving nearly 900 responses, we were able to draw some conclusions on general consensus, or lack thereof, for these unique interpretations of the classic NHL team jerseys.

We are happy to report that, generally speaking, the majority of the jerseys have been well-received, and the overall class received a grade of 58%. The grade would have been higher if not for a couple of classmates dragging the class average way down. But we will get to them a bit later. We will begin roll call from the top with the brightest lights.

Class Co-Valedictorian

The Montreal Canadiens (83%) and the Colorado Nordiques Avalanche (79%) are the cream of the crop as one Randy “Macho Man” Savage would say, and receive the distinction of class co-valedictorians. They received the highest grades possible, earning the highest scores, and praise from their peers.

Perhaps the grading committee can be accused of showing bias when it comes to grading the Montreal Canadiens, but it was quite possible that the design would be vehemently rejected.

The same could have gone for Colorado’s re-imagining of the classic Québec Nordiques jersey, where perhaps it could have faced a rebellion from the fans in La Belle Province who still long for the return of the team that they never truly accepted losing.

Graduating With Honours

The throwbacks continue to be popular, as the Los Angeles Kings (75%) and Hartford Whalers Carolina Hurricanes (72%), Minnesota Wild (69%), and New Jersey Devils (67%) jerseys received very high scores that helped them reach the upper percentile of their class.

Satisfactory results

As stated earlier, the overall class did very well, perhaps too well thanks to some generous grading from giddy professors, but nonetheless, the majority of teams find themselves in this category, which demonstrates well Adidas’ overall strategy and execution.

Roll call, when you hear your name called please walk across the stage to receive your degree and firm handshake: Washington Capitals (64%), Edmonton Oilers (62%), Florida Panthers (62%), Chicago Blackhawks (61%), Buffalo Sabres (60%), St. Louis Blues (60%), New York Rangers (59%), Vancouver Canucks (59%), Ottawa Senators (58%), Winnipeg Jets (58%), Philadelphia Flyers (57%), San Jose Sharks (56%)

Barely a Pass

This final group will graduate along with their friends above, not because they proved without a shadow of a doubt that they deserve it, but rather because the incoming cohort will need their locker space, and the faculty honestly would prefer to focus on their own research grants than ensure that a proper education was provided. The Boston Bruins (54%), Calgary Flames (54%), Columbus Blue Jackets (54%), Tampa Bay Lightning (54%), Vegas Golden Knights (52%), Pittsburgh Penguins (51%), and Nashville Predators (50%) should take their degrees, and run.

Remedial Courses Required

The New York Islanders (48%) and Dallas Stars (46%) really seem to have put little to no effort into their Reverse Retro jerseys, and although they received a passing grade on average, there is a very heavy negative lean that brings their overall score down, along with a requirement of makeup exam before they can hope to graduate.

Held Back

Failure is a fact of life. Not everyone can succeed at everything that they do, but it takes a special sort of someone to fail as spectacularly as the Anaheim Ducks (45%), Toronto Maple Leafs (38%), and Detroit Red Wings (45%) did. Sure, some of the voters liked these designs, but overall, the consensus was clear.


Out of all the results, voters had the hardest time finding a statistical consensus for the Arizona Peyote Coyote jersey. You cannot even say that people either loved it or hated it, they literally provided a statistically-insignificant straight line across the entire voting spectrum. Although the jersey does receive a passing grade on average, the school could not in good conscience present a degree to this student. Nor could it outright scar its permanent record with a fail. Perhaps it’s the drugs, perhaps it’s the hot desert sun causing confusion, but this jersey certainly gets an incomplete score, and frankly this institution is at a loss what to do with it.