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Have your say on all of the NHL’s Reverse Retro jerseys

What’s hot? What’s not?


Adidas, in collaboration with the National Hockey League, have released a new themed line of jerseys just ahead of the Christmas shopping period for each of the 31 teams currently in the league. The concept behind this line of jerseys is to create brand new looks for each team by digging into their past to find colour palettes and logos, and combining them into a modern unique jersey.

Some teams tapped into a rich fabric of inspiration to create their Reverse Retro jerseys. Others had a more limited history and therefore had to use some creative licensing. Naturally, the results varied from team to team: some turned out better, others are a little harder to stomach.

We’ll leave it to you to be the judge. Please grade each jersey on a scale from 1 to 10 using the form below — don’t forget to hit submit at the end! You can also leave comments to elaborate on your ratings.

Let the grading begin!