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Canadiens @ Sabres Top Six Minutes: Buffal-owned

Bad first period, great finish.

Montreal Canadiens v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Nicholas T. LoVerde/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • Is cereal soup?
  • Hey no one said my pre-game thoughts had to be about hockey!
  • In case you were wondering about the state of the Sabres, a fans angry rant got taken off line at the behest of the team because it made them look bad.
  • Not that things are much rosier up north, but on the bright side at least Montreal has sniffed the playoffs in the last decade.
  • I chose to not go to this game, which means it’ll be super entertaining for the fans, and the Habs usually win so take that as you will.

First Period

  • Good to see his time on the sidelines hasn’t dulled Brendan Gallagher’s sense of annoying other teams.
  • Ilya Kovalchuk throwing the body too? Guess we’re getting a nasty type of game tonight eh?
  • The Habs will get a shot on goal at some point right?
  • Or they could give up a power play goal instead.
  • Err they will get a shot right?
  • It’s early, but the goal posts and crossbar appear to be the MVP’s of this game.
  • Dare I get my hopes up for this power play?
  • Very glad I did not get my hopes up, woof.
  • Probably lucky to be down just one after that.

Second Period

  • Well, that’s a start, great goal by Kovalchuk there!
  • Welcome back Gally!
  • What a pass from Tatar, what a great finish by Gallagher and Montreal improbably leads 2-1!
  • Congrats to that pane of glass for stopping more pucks than Carter Hutton this period.
  • There is nothing like a Go Habs Go chant drowning out the home crowd honestly.
  • Did I just see Brett Kulak pull a spin move on Jack Eichel? Is that a thing that really happened?
  • Oh come on, going to spoil all this momentum by taking a penalty Habs?
  • Hey they allowed no shots, and escaped the period with the lead!

Third Period

  • Icing...Icing...Icing...Icing
  • Johan Larsson that was likely not a smart idea friend.
  • This third period has all the urgency you’d expect from two teams that are ten points out of a playoff spot.
  • Ben Chiarot being the second scary big guy to Shea Weber being THE scary big guy is quitie nice honestly.
  • Carey Price update: Still real good folks.
  • Oh you have got to be kidding me ref really with that call?
  • Rasmus Ristolainen is not a very smart man is he?
  • Like what level of dumb do you have to be to agitate Shea Weber of all people?
  • Brendan Gallagher nearly owned the entire Sabres on that breakaway, my god is it good to see him back.
  • Tuna Tatar adds the empty netter!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) He is our Lucky Pete after all

2) No luck required on that goal

1) The final thread stays intact for another night