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Wednesday Habs Headlines: Reinforcements may be arriving too late

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In today’s links, can Brendan Gallagher and Jonathan Drouin make a difference? Drouin is looking forward to playing with Kovalchuk, and examining how teams will act at the Trade Deadline.

NHL: FEB 07 Jets at Canadiens Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens news and notes

  • With Brendan Gallagher and Jonathan Drouin cleared for contact, reinforcements are on the way for the Habs... but is it too late? [Montreal Gazette]
  • The Canadiens are still eyeing a strong finish to the season. []
  • Gallagher talks about his concussion, being symptom-free, and wearing a tinted visor. [Sportsnet]
  • Is bringing back Gallagher now for what is ostensibly a lost season in the best interests of the player, given the mysteries still surrounding concussions? [Montreal Gazette]
  • Drouin is really looking forward to playing with Ilya Kovalchuk. [Montreal Canadiens]
  • Six storylines to follow with the post-All Star Game Canadiens. [La Presse]
  • Fan Club member Justin Karwatsky will be shadowing head equipment manager Pierre Gervais on Saturday afternoon. [Montreal Canadiens]

Around the league and elsewhere

  • A mock draft looking at what Seattle’s expansion team could look like. [The Athletic]
  • Buyers at the Trade Deadline are (almost) always wrong. [La Presse]
  • Is there a trade market for New Jersey Devils defender Sami Vatanen? [The Athletic]
  • The Winnipeg Jets are looking to add a top-four defenceman. [TSN]
  • Ed Belfour was arrested on mischief and alcohol-related charges in Kentucky on Tuesday morning. [CBC]
  • How Cammi Granato became the first female scout in the NHL. [ProHockeyTalk]
  • Six “swing” teams who could shape the deadline by deciding whether they’re buyers or sellers. [The Hockey News]
  • A junior coach caught on film swinging a stick at a fan says he was just protecting his players. [CBC]
  • Black hockey players are being highlighted in the NHL’s mobile history museum. [NPR]
  • The number of penalties for discriminatory slurs in the Northern Ontario Hockey Association is already four times last year’s total... with two months still to go in the season. [North Bay Nugget]