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Jacob Olofsson out for the season with a shoulder injury

A season filled with bad luck comes to a premature end for the Swedish prospect.

Skellefteå AIK

Jacob Olofsson received some terrible news today as x-rays showed that he will need surgery to repair his damaged shoulder. As a result, the Swedish centre will miss the rest of the season.

Olofsson originally injured his shoulder during a practice with his SHL team Skellefteå AIK in mid-December. The injury kept Olofsson out of the World Junior Championships, where he was projected to play an integral role with a Swedish team that took home bronze in his absence.

Olofsson returned to the ice only two weeks ago when Skellefteå AIK played the Växjö Lakers. However, the 2018 second-round pick only played a further two games before injuring the same shoulder on Friday, again during a team practice.

The big forward has impressed with Skellefteå in this, his second SHL season, matching last year’s total of nine points (two goals and seven assists) in 10 fewer games.

Olofsson was tied for 19th in last summer’s Top 25 Under 25.