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Montreal Canadiens Legends Challenge: Pointu is the first player cut

Last one in, first one out, Guy Lapointe’s elimination starts things off.

Denis Brodeur Collection Photo by Denis Brodeur/NHLI via Getty Images

The first day of the Montreal Canadiens Legends Challenge has come and gone with over 400 respondents braving their loyalty to the team by deciding which player to eliminate first, and it was defenceman Guy Lapointe with 18.7% of the vote.

Some comments on his elimination:

  • “Great defender and team guy. Still was never “the top dog”, and overshadowed by other great D (Orr, Park, Potvin, Robinson, Savard) of the era.”
  • “Great player, but not great enough for this list, and left on a sour note.”
  • “While very good, not as outstanding as Savard and Robinson in the same era.”

This relatively low vote share shows that already there was a lot of disagreement among the fans as to who deserved to be voted out earlier than other players. Lapointe certainly did not run away with the vote, as second place was close behind.

I thought about releasing full voting results with each day, but I’m concerned that it would influence subsequent days, so I decided to avoid that for now. Perhaps once this contest is over, and the PEOPLE’S CHAMPION is crowned, I will release full statistics for each day in a single article for the completists.

For now I will simply announce the ‘winner’, and the vote share that the player received. I will however reiterate, for the sake of clarity through repetition, that the idea is to vote for the player you think is least deserving to remain, not the player you think should win it all.

And with that said, and Guy Lapointe eliminated, it’s on to Day 2. Cast your vote from among the remaining field. Voting period ends at midnight.