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Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: That’s NHL player Nick Suzuki to you

The rookies made their case and had a line not to be messed with.

NHL: Preseason-Ottawa Senators at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

1st period:

  • Last game before the real season starts. Let’s make it a good one!
  • Good news: Price is back in net. That means his bruised hand wasn’t actually a broken arm or something.
  • Suzuki heads towards the net but hesitates. Now’s not the time for second-guessing, Nick.
  • Tatar-Danault-Gallagher = gimme more!
  • Ben Chiarot takes on Bobby Ryan behind the net after Ryan takes a little shot at Price.
  • Seconds later, Domi drops the gloves with Scott Sabourin. It’s looking pretty cozy in the penalty box.
  • It’s not just me, right? Domi’s starting to morph into the Joker.
  • And we’re on the board with an unassisted shorthanded goal by Danault!

2nd period:

  • Price is looking pretty good tonight. Yes, I know, it’s not strange for me to say that. But it’s true.
  • A cheeky pass by Gally and Tatar makes it 2-0! I knew that line was special.
  • Someone should explain to the Sens that goals don’t count when you kick the puck in the net. That’s gotta be Hockey 101.
  • The person running the PA is playing “Alive and Kicking” while they review the goal. That. Is. Awesome.
  • Now that they know the rules, Ryan uses his stick to cut the lead in half.
  • Well, the power play isn’t going so well. You know, since Duclair tied it up.
  • A high stick on Cousins followed by a tripping on Gallagher and no call. Used up all your penalty calls already have you, refs?

3rd period:

  • Suzuki tees up Domi but he goes wide. Suzuki is outplaying Domi tonight.
  • I wonder if Domi is trying to prove that he can make the roster no matter if he plays good or... not so good?
  • Julien does not look happy as Poehling heads to the box for his second tripping call of the night.
  • Ahhhh....”Carey” chants. They just do not get old.
  • And then he left the net and gave the game away. I feel every Habs fan did a head slap at the same time on that one.
  • Gallagher saves Prices butt!! Tie game with less that a minute left.


  • We’re exchanging breakaways but nobody can finish up this preseason.
  • Price is not letting Duclair get past him twice. What a save!
  • SUZUKI wraps it up in the final minute!! Guess you got that roster spot, Nick.
  • That’s it. We’re all warmed up. Let’s get this season started!