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Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: Lacklustre

The Habs take their first pre-season loss in a lacklustre outing against the Leafs’ B team.

NHL: SEP 23 Preseason - Maple Leafs at Canadiens Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

First Period

  • Tatar has as basically as many NHL goals as this entire Leafs’ team? Amazing.
  • Remembering that the Habs got Jeff Petry for peanuts makes me so happy.
  • Alright, let's actually score on the power play please.
  • Oh no, Charles.
  • Fortunately, Charlie Lindgren was up for the challenge.
  • Just when I was gonna make a comment about how at least the power play wasn't a disaster too.
  • Petry with the BOOM.
  • Screaming
  • These are some real pre-season passes we've got going on right now.
  • Well, there was a lot of weight thrown around, Lindgren made some saves, aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's about it.
  • Oh, Brook looked pretty good.

Second Period

  • Uhgggggggggg Habs. Why. (Also, btw, that is how you score on the power play.)
  • Bless Wes McAuley.
  • Although it may have been kinder to not give it to them.
  • Oh geez. This is ending really well.
  • Another penalty? sigh.
  • Thompson against the entire Leafs team ends much better than you would imagine.
  • That may have cost the Leafs a penalty, but let's be real, it'll probably be fine.
  • That was nice from Domi. He's looked pretty good tonight, him and Tatar both.
  • Well, this period was as underwhelming as the first.
  • Is it too early in the season to decline power plays?

Third Period

  • Nothing about that goal was good.
  • They're playing a little better now, but still pretty meh.
  • I suppose a loss was inevitable, but losing like this is pretty disappointing.
  • Brooks and Evans have been pretty good, Domi and Tatar showed flashes of their last year's selves, but otherwise this was a very lacklustre game.
  • Leafs win 3-0.