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Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: That’s all, folks

The Canadiens wrapped up the 2018-2019 season while Bob Cole called his final game

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • Charlie Lindgren gets the start tonight and Carey gets to sit back and relax
  • Philip Danault takes home the Jacques Beauchamp Trophy and Carey Price is named the Molson Cup Player of the Year
  • Though I don’t want it to end, one last time this season, let’s do that hockey

First Period

  • For real though, what’s better than Toronto-Montreal on a Saturday night with Bob Cole on the call? Maybe still vying for a playoff spot but I will do my best not to dwell on that too much tonight, team
  • I really need Mete to get a goal tonight. Just cuz.
  • Toronto gets on the board first courtesy of a deflection off of Shea Weber
  • Toronto with another one - Gardiner this time
  • Andersen with a few solid saves so far
  • So many chances early on because defense is optional tonight
  • Poehling scores his first NHL goal! (challenged for goaltender interference because Toronto ruins EVERYTHING) but you can’t take this one from him, Leafs
  • At the end of 20, Toronto is up 2-1 and I am three glasses of wine in

Second Period

  • Alright second period - here. we. go.
  • POEHLING again! Kid is spending his night parked right in front of Andersen and it is paying off
  • I don’t want to get too greedy here but let’s see some hats tossed tonight
  • Shaw took a tumble into Andersen who appears to be in some discomfort and is heading towards the bench
  • Habs do a little shout out for Bob Cole and the crowd stands for a hockey legend
  • Weal scores on the...power play? Habs up 3-2!
  • And just like that, Moore scores and we are tied up
  • Huge glove save by Lindgren
  • Lehkonen tosses the puck back to Domi who sends it over to Shaw who snipes one home. This game is bonkers
  • Another big glove save by Lindgren, this time on Matthews
  • Nylander scores
  • Petry’s stick explodes on a shot and Marleau jumps on the puck. Lindgren stops Marleau on the breakaway - having a pretty darn good game

Third Period

  • The last twenty minutes of Habs hockey we will watch until the fall - le sigh - here we go
  • We are almost six minutes without a goal. How boring
  • Bodies are flying all over the place
  • Kapanen scores
  • Under four minutes left and still down a we have one more comeback in us?
  • POEHLING HAT TRICK. Is this real life?!
  • Even Bergevin has a slight smile on his face tonight after that
  • Thanks to Poehling, this game is going to OT


  • Weal knocked into Lindgren who stays down for a moment, but he appears to be okay
  • What an OT - some amazing chances for both sides, but the goalies stood tall and we are off to a shootout


  • Tatar —> Stopped
  • Matthews —> Scores
  • Drouin —> Scores
  • Marner —> Stopped
  • Weal (what) —> POST ah
  • Tavares —> Stopped
  • Poehling —> Scores!

Highlight of the Night

Ryan Poehling scored his first ... and second ... and third NHL career goals on Saturday night!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) If there’s anything good about not making the playoffs, it’s no game conflicts with Game of Thrones

2) 2019-20 should be a fun season

1) Especially with this Leafs killer in the lineup