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Thursday Habs Headlines: Tomas Tatar proving to be a big piece of last summer’s trade

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Here are your daily links, including Tomas Tatar’s career year, Mete and Byron telling “dad jokes,” and more.

Chicago Blackhawks v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens news and notes

  • Tomas Tatar wasn’t the highlight of Montreal’s trade with Vegas, but he has been an excellent addition to the Habs this season. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Even if Paul Byron can keep a straight face, Victor Mete will laugh at his own “dad jokes.” [Canadiens]
  • Nate Thompson’s straightforward game has made him a solid low-cost acquisition for the Habs. [Sportsnet]
  • Even if the season doesn’t end as well as it could, the Canadiens should be proud of what they’ve accomplished. [The Athletic]
  • His family and friends form a support system that Tomas Tatar feels is important for everyone to have. [Canadiens]

Around the league and elsewhere

  • One year later, TSN has released “29 Forever,” a look at the journey of families impacted by the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. [TSN]
  • The current NHL playoff format will be stick around for at least another season. [LeBrun on Twitter]
  • Video coaches are more and more crucial as teams prepare for the playoffs, writes Justin Bourne. [The Athletic]
  • Craig Cunningham is back on the ice in a custom-made prosthetic. [Jay Janower on Twitter]
  • Kyle Okposo met with a local youth hockey player to offer encouragement after Roshsaun Brown-Hall was targeted by racial slurs. [NHL]
  • The Devils announced on Wednesday that they have hired analytics guru Tyler Dellow. [The Athletic]
  • Now 40, Roberto Luongo considers his future in the NHL. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Finding a solution to Connor McDavid’s clear frustration should be a the top of the list for Edmonton this summer. [The Athletic]