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Canadiens vs. Lightning Top Six Minutes: So you’re saying there’s a chance

One step closer to post-season!

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • We gotta win. Not like a “it would be nice to win” gotta win. We gotta win.
  • I can feel the nervous energy already. Or is that just me?

First period

  • Former IceCap Eddie Pasquale is in net for the Lightning. I used to like you Eddie. But you’ve gone to the Ultimate Dark Side so we can no longer be friends.
  • And Tampa are on the board already.
  • The goal is going to Stamkos but, to be fair, it should really go to Domi.
  • Hey, Drouin. If there’s any night you’ll want to show up, it’s tonight.
  • Habs are throwing bombs at Pasquale. Now we’re seeing a bit of fire.
  • Tatar, Danault, and Gallagher with some great corner work and jamming the puck at Pasquale. We’re coming for you, Eddie.
  • Thompson notches his first goal as a Hab to tie it up!!
  • What the hell, Pasquale?! How are you doing this?

Second period

  • The Canadiens outshot the Lightning 19-7 by the end of the first. I smell desperation... and I like it.
  • Pasquale gets his glove on the puck before Drouin can get it on his stick.
  • I’m pretty sure Price laughed when stopped Erne’s attempt at getting a wrister past him.
  • Firing on all cylinders + a cocky goaltender = two points?
  • After we tie it up again.
  • Is this because I said we can’t be friends, Eddie?
  • Armia banks it off Pasquale from behind the goal line to tie it up once again!
  • I’m starting to think Pasquale’s glove has some kind of puck magnet in it. That can’t be legal.

Third period

  • Five shots on goal for Brendan “Energizer Bunny” Gallagher. This will be your period, Gally.
  • On a side note... Columbus lost! Nice. Job. Bruins.
  • Oh boy, there’s chances on both sides of the ice. I was stressed before the game even started.
  • Gally finally beats Pasquale... but not the crossbar.
  • This is getting ridiculous. Pasquale wasn’t even looking at Mete’s shot and the puck just bounced off him.
  • Lehkonen!! We’re in the lead! We’re in the lead!
  • Cooper is desperate and calls for goaltender interference.
  • We keep the lead!! In your face, Cooper!
  • Domi makes up for his little first-period whoopsi and extends the lead by two!
  • Let’s check in with the Leafs...3-1 Carolina in the middle of the third. Really Toronto? You had one job.
  • At least we can do our job!

Highlight of the night

Just the winning goal in the biggest game of the year:

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Never too early; never too late

2) Consider these debts paid

1) #PlayoffLehkonen