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Canadiens @ Jets Top Six Minutes: Are you not entertained?

The Habs are on life support, but they made sure to keep their hopes alive in Winnipeg.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

“People should know when they are conquered.” -Quintus

“Would you, Quintus? Would I?” - Maximus

One must hope that the Canadiens plan to fight in the manner that Maximus Decimus Meridius suggested he would in the face of nearly certain death. A victory against the Jets here would do wonders to help remove them from the predicament they created for themselves in losing to the Blue Jackets on Thursday.

And what a predicament it is. It vexes me. I am terribly vexed.

First period

  • I think you get where this TSM is going tonight... At my signal, UNLEASH HELL!
  • First five minutes have to make you think that Carey Price is going to have to steal one here.
  • Carey Price doesn’t pretend to be a man of the people. But he does try to be a man for the people.
  • As much as I did not want Jesperi Kotkaniemi to be scratched, Jordan Weal looks pretty good with Jonathan Drouin in this small sample.
  • Ah, a power play for the Habs. ‘Tis not a good unit. I am, again, terribly vexed.
  • JOEL ARMIA DID THE THING!! That’s now the last two goals by the abysmal Habs power play scored by Armia.
  • Joel Armia, probably.

Second period

  • Gladiator, I salute you.
  • If you told me pre-game that the Habs would take the lead on the power play... Well, I’d say that you have sold me queer giraffes.
  • Another Habs power play... At my signal, unleash Armia...
  • Two power play goals in one game is probably waaaaaay too much to ask for at this point.
  • Mandatory pause on the Gladiator shtick. They just played the Bob Cole tribute in Winnipeg. Weird time to place it if you ask me, but god damn the sport of hockey is losing a living legend to retirement. Been listening to that man my entire life. This is hard.
  • Back at it. The frost... Sometimes it makes the blade stick.
  • Dustin Byfuglien just ripped one off the post, I assume his blade stuck a little, and thankfully so.
  • Late second, Kevin Hayes gets a post of his own... Doesn’t bode well for the Habs.

Third period

  • “Ultimately, we are all dead men. Sadly we cannot choose how, but we can decide how we meet that end in order that we are remembered as men.” - Proximo
  • Ol’ Proximo might want to shut the fuck up, because the first third of this period will be remembered as nothing less than boring.
  • Habs powerplay for the third time...
  • That last GIF is my exact mood watching that last Habs power play. TERRIBLY VEXED.
  • I don’t even have a gladiator GIF to sum up the despair that Mathieu Perreault goal just made me feel.
  • Wait, yeah I do...
  • What we do in life echoes in eternity... If that statement holds true, the Habs sitting on leads will echo for eternity.
  • Stop doing it, please.
  • What Carey Price does in life echoes in eternity.
  • Jordan Weal seals the deal into the empty net.
  • There isn’t much hope left for the Habs without help from some other teams, but they seem determined to keep us on the edge of our seats for the remaining games.

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Locked deep within the sticks of Phillip Danault and Joel Armia

2) A real travesty

1) Just cultivating a new career high