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Canadiens vs. Sabres Top Six Minutes: Taking care of business

The Habs put forth a convincing argument that they intend to be in the playoffs.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Beating the Islanders on Thursday was pretty sweet. It moved the Canadiens back into the playoff picture, and the entire fanbase back into playoff mode. Problem is, so far this year, the Habs’ best result against the Sabres has been two loser points.

Sure as god’s got sandals, the Habs need the whole two points tonight.

First period

  • That anthem singer was not good. Is Montreal about to have a US college admissions-style controversy about anthem singers?
  • Somebody paid for that kid to be there, because singing cannot be that dude’s day job. If that is his day job, he better crank up the auto-tune.
  • Buffalo basically owning the first two minutes makes me want to swan dive off the Jacques Cartier bridge.
  • At this time of year, even if you survive that jump, it will suck because the water is colder than Hoth. That’s where I’m at this year, things are either great, or I’d potentially prefer to freeze to death. Usually end up feeling both extremes in one game.
  • Carter Hutton seems like he wants to impress Carey Price tonight.
  • Sam Reinhart seems like he doesn’t understand what tanking is, and should frame a picture of that goal because he won’t get many against Price. 1-0 Fuckalo.
  • A Habs power play! I remember that they scored last game, so this has to be decent, at least.
  • Check that, they’re still about as dangerous as Flambo.
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  • Takeaway here is the Habs power play is so non-threatening, it’s cute. Not as cute as that doggo, though.

Second period

  • To be fair, the Habs were way better and should be leading.
  • Artturi Lehkonen just busted his slump by finishing an absolutely gorgeous passing play.
  • Max Domi’s behind-the-back, no-look sauce just impregnated the entire lower bowl.
  • That goal marked 22 thousand scored by the Canadiens. The first one was scored around the time that the Night King came into play.
  • If the Habs don’t make the playoffs... Game of Thrones is coming... Silver linings.
  • Brendan Gallagher doesn’t do what Brendan Gallagher does for Brendan Gallagher.
  • Brendan Gallagher does what Brendan Gallagher does because Brendan Gallagher is... Brendan Gallagher.
  • If there was ever a gofundme that I would donate to, it would be to give Gallagher more money. He is criminally underpaid. 2-1 for the good guys.
  • Did Andrew Shaw just snipe? I’m pretty sure that Shaw just sniped.
  • It’s officially 3-1 for the good guys, so yes, Shaw just sniped. Top cheese. Beauteous.
  • Annnnnd the dumbest penalty in the history of hockey strikes again. Putting the puck over the glass should not be a penalty. 3-2 now thanks to a ridiculous penalty and Alexander Nylander.
  • Now it’s somehow tied, as Marco Scandella gets a goal. Sabres shouldn’t even be remotely in this game but they are because of bullshit. 3-3 tied.
  • Lord Paul Byron decided that this was an incorrect score, and henceforth decreed that the score would be 4-3 for his side until further notice.
  • Long live Lord Paul Byron, first of his name.

Third period

  • Daniel Briere just popped into my head for no reason. I bet Buffalo wishes that prime Danny was out there for them right now.
  • Prime Danny was good. But you know who else is good right now? Gallagher.
  • Brendan Adam Matthew Gallagher is criminally underpaid.
  • We share a name, technically, and I’m hyped about it.
  • Four mintues of power play given to the Sabres by Andrew Shaw. Sportsnet will have you believe that he was the only person at fault there. Okay.
  • The Habs looked more dangerous killing most of those four minutes than they did on their power play attempts.
  • Of course, Jack Eichel gets a late one, and it’s 5-4 with just over six minutes to play. Why is Buffalo so hard this year?
  • Habs now on the power play so you should probably change the channel...
  • Wait...
  • Did Max Domi just score a power play goal?
  • 6-4 and that is now two straighht games with a power play goal. This franchise is turning around, folks.
  • Empty-netter for Tomas Tatar.
  • The Habs might just be moving out of fringe status, and into the top wildcard spot if they can win tomorrow.

Highlight of the night

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2) It always does

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