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Canadiens @ Islanders Top Six Minutes: On an Island

The Habs fall to New York on Thursday night despite a solid showing by Carey Price.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at New York Islanders Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports


  • Important points on the line tonight again, boys **goodbye fingernails**
  • Mete and Kotkaniemi’s pre-game ritual is...something

First Period

  • Nice zone entry by Danault early in the game followed up by a beautiful pass to Tatar to Kulak but no dice - more of that, please
  • Spending entirely too much time in our own zone here
  • Not sure if Habs know the game started already or...
  • So far the stars tonight have been Carey Price and the goalpost
  • Habs finally get some momentum going on the PP and then...Andrew Shaw happened
  • Anders Lee finished the period with five shots on goal if you want to know how the first 20 went

Second Period

  • So I see we are starting the second period hemmed in our own zone again cool cool cool
  • Islanders score - it was really only a matter of time
  • All I can hear is my S/O yelling from the living room so I am going to go ahead and assume the Winnipeg Jets game started and they scored - maybe let’s also do the thing, Habs?
  • Finally a bit of pressure
  • Habs back to the penalty kill
  • Carey Price is not human
  • Ah I see we are adjusting lines
  • JORDIE BENN. Weal with the screen.

Third Period

  • More mixing to start the period and the Finnish line is reunited
  • Weber went in on Martin and looks a bit shaken up
  • Mayfield lays out Kotkaniemi and I am pretty sure my heart stopped - bloody lip, but the youngster appears to be okay
  • Kotkaniemi with the toe drag AND gets the rebound - no goal but good god the talent
  • We. Need. These. Points.
  • 2-on-1. Islanders score.
  • Islanders take this one

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Red Rum-ing the playoff chances

2) The Bearded One made it interesting

1) I’ve never heard of the Long Island Flu, either