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Canadiens @ Jets Top Six Minutes: And to all a good night!

The Habs dominate after an early coach’s challenge goes their way

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a win over the Jets. Well, that’s not the only thing but it’s a good start.

First period:

  • Who designed these Jets jerseys? The Blue Man Group? (because they’re very blue)
  • A scurry in front of Price 20 seconds in. How the puck didn’t go in we’ll never know but we’ll take it.
  • Another one. We shouldn’t be panicking already. Focus fellas.
  • Suzuki, I’m not sure if anyone has told you but you’re pretty good. So shoot the puck.
  • Somebody should really be covering that Laine guy. He’s good at scoring.
  • Julien isn’t messing around tonight. We have an offside challenge.
  • Nice one coach! We’re back to a clean slate.
  • Kyle Connor gets the Jets on the board while Chiarot sits in the box (for a lame penalty call btw). Is there a way we can get out of this one, Claude?
  • Yes, there is! Just go on the power play. A sweet feed from Suzuki (cause he does that) to the power-play king, Tomas Tatar, and we have a tie game.
  • Make that a two-piece fish and chips as Tatar give the Habs the lead!

Second period:

  • Gallagher being Gallagher refuses to let the play die, chases the puck, spins and shoots and Danault bangs it in to make it 3-1!
  • The Tatar-Danault-Gallagher line must stay together forever. For. Ever.
  • What a pass from Price straight down the center. Suzuki picks it up but fumbles on the shot.
  • Danault with his second of the period during a little four-on-four. As I said, this line forever.
  • Despite the ref getting in his way, Weber dives to get his stick on the puck as Connor tries to get it past Price. It was so enjoyable to watch, it even made Price smile.
  • Laine gets his goal back. You’re persistent, I’ll give you that Pat.
  • There are bodies everywhere but Domi buries it with 40 seconds left and we’re 5-2!

Third period:

  • Armia is out for the rest of the game with an upper-body injury. No more injuries. You hear me hockey gods? No more.
  • Laine is slow to get up after a hit from Chiarot. What goes around comes around.
  • We’ve got a Lehky goal! It’s a Christmas miracle!
  • The Habs win 6-2 and Price stopped 46 of 48 shots. Thanks Santa, I knew it wasn’t too late to sneak one last wish in there.
  • Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good game!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Even better than visions of sugar plums

2) I’m sure he’d like to be a referee as well

1) All in favour?