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Max Domi went from goat to hero on Thursday night

A bad turnover led to Calgary’s go-ahead goal, but the Canadiens’ star redeemed himself in overtime.

Montreal Canadiens v Calgary Flames Photo by Terence Leung/NHLI

Thursday night’s clash with the Calgary Flames was a rollicking, chaotic game, capped off with an overtime-winner from a struggling star. Max Domi’s emphatic “LET’S GO BOYS” celebration was a great redemption ending in a game where he could have easily been at fault for costing the team two points. It was a tale of two games for Domi, but it ended on a high note for him for the first time in a while.

With the game was tied at two goals apiece, Domi had the puck and made a strong move through the slot in front of David Rittich. It seemed like an eternity that Domi held onto the puck, causing me to scream in near agony that he had to shoot it. Domi then held up, and tried to flick a weak backhand pass to no one in particular, a head-scratching choice considering he was surrounded by three Flames players. The play transitioned the other way, and in the Canadiens’ end Oliver Kylington rifled one over Carey Price’s shoulder to put Calgary back on top.

Fortunately, the game made it to overtime, and that’s where Domi made amends for his earlier gaffe. Instead of being overly fancy, or trying to go through multiple defenders, Domi kept it simple — very simple. He reared back and fired off a hard slapshot that fooled David Rittich, securing a second point for Montreal.

Despite the team rebounding after an eight-game skid it seemed like Domi was gripping his stick too hard, or overthinking plays. His game-winner in Calgary should be just what he needs to get his confidence back. It looked like a 900-pound gorilla came off his shoulders as he celebrated with the Canadiens faithful in Calgary, hopefully a moment he will now carry with him as the season goes on.