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Canadiens vs. Red Wings Top Six Minutes: Firing Blanks

Montreal now has two losses to what must have been the best team in the NHL.

Detroit Red Wings v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Alright everybody, let’s do this!
  • A lot has changed since I last wrote a piece on here.
  • Canadiens have started winning again after that dreadful losing streak.
  • Ryan Poehling has been called up, sent down and called up again.
  • Cayden Primeau has had his first win-puck stolen by Brady Tkachuk.
  • Most importantly. I was in the Madison Square Garden last Friday, witnessing the Habs avenging the 6-5 November debacle. Relieving, since it has made it possible to finally erase the constant smirk of my Rangers supporting so called friend.
  • On to the Wings. On Thursday they carved out their first win in 13 games. Two teams getting out of massive losing streaks. The Atlantic really is a mess.
  • I’m betting a 5-2 home win and that Riley Barber scores for the first time in a Canadiens jersey.

First Period

  • Oh right. It’s December now, meaning the moustaches are gone. Thompson has replaced that magnificent handlebar moustache with a normal boring beard.
  • Yuck. Red Wings score first. Defence as filled with holes as a Swiss cheese. Nothing new under the sun.
  • ... and let’s top that of with a Gally penalty. Is it gonna be that kind of a night?
  • Offensive effort bordering on non-existant halfway through the first. Detroit looks sharper and more inspired.
  • Joel Armia is always solid. Reliable Finnish steel. 6 out of 10 any given night.

Second Period

  • This is not a polished game. Difficult to count how many passes miss their mark.
  • Jonathan Bernier is playing above his ability right now. That won’t last long.
  • But it may last until the end of this night. Unfortunately.
  • The fans may not have any goals to cheer about, but at least they are getting some of their money’s worth with a Petry-Mantha fight.
  • So what else can we talk about whilst we are waiting for some sweet scent of entertainment? The Heisman Trophy ceremony is tonight. Will Burrow win a landslide or can Chase Young actually challenge? #defenceforheisman

Third Period

  • The Habs are outshooting their opponents 29 to 13 right now. Bernier literally has his entire team in the crease helping him out.
  • It just feels like one of those nights where Montreal could stay on the ice until tomorrow night shooting on an empty net and the puck would. still. not. go. in.
  • Difference between the teams? One team scores on their shots. 2-0 Detroit on the PP.
  • I think I did TSM last time we lost against Detroit as well. Ergo, this loss is totally my fault. Me, TSM and Red Wings=Bad Combination. Never again.
  • Oh, Burrow won. Fancy that.
  • Nope.
  • At least we scored. Right? #glasshalffull

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1) This is all I want for Christmas