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The Dispatch: Two of Sweden’s top coaches discuss their players in the upcoming World Juniors

Most eyes will be on draft-eligibles Lucas Raymond and Alexander Holtz, but other players will make good impressions as well.

ERC Ingolstadt v Frolunda Gothenburg - Champions Hockey League Round Of 32 Photo by ERC Ingolstadt/Champions Hockey League via Getty Images

In the latest “Dispatch” we get to hear what Coach Robert Ohlsson of Djurgården Hockey thinks about his player, Alexander Holtz, a top 2020 NHL Draft prospect who will have plenty of eyes on him in the World Junior Championship.

Coach Ohlsson also coached Tobis Björnfot, who is in the Los Angeles Kings organization at the moment, and he offers some high praise for his former player and potential leader in the Swedish team.

On the other side, Coach Roger Rönnberg, Swedens current top coach with two Le Mat Trophies and three Champions Hockey League trophies to his name, offers some great information in regard to Lucas Raymond, and the thought process behind keeping him mostly with Frölunda’s U20 team this season. He then continues to explain that Samuel Fagemo can be the triggerman that Sweden needs in the Championship.

Frölunda has sent two players out on loan. One is New York Rangers property Karl Henriksson, but more interesting is Linus Nässén. Coach Rönnberg offers high praise not only to Nässén, but also to Sweden’s coach Tomas Montén for picking the Frölunda player from his team. Rönnberg then continues to explain that many teams will look at Nässén in next year’s draft even if he is an over-age player.

It a great insight for anyone interested in Sweden’s team or the World Juniors in general.