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Canadiens vs. Bruins Top Six Minutes: Mauled

Montreal gave up goals early and often.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports


  • This four-game losing streak ends tonight, (confidence is the key to success). Oh, we’re playing the Bruins, maybe the losing streak ends Thursday, (realism is also important).

First period:

  • Playing he Bruins without Tuukka Rask is like eating Pea Soup without maple syrup. It’s still good, it could just be a bit more fun.
  • Gallagher is taking shots out there like it’s a crappy 2009 song that probably shouldn't have played at school dances.
  • Joel Armia has a short-handed chance, but the Bruins power play does not suck. Not even a little.
  • Brendan Gallagher, making things happen and setting up Shea Weber for the tying goal.
  • Yeah, the Bruins power play is going to be an issue for Montreal.
  • Montreal’s is not so much a problem for Boston.

Second period:

  • Pastrnak scores 8 seconds in, because that is the kind of game this is going to be. Okay, fine, it is also partly because he’s pretty good.
  • I blinked, and now it’s 5-1 Bruins. Yikes.
  • Carey Price is being pulled. *yikes intensifies*
  • Jesperi Kotkaniemi will start scoring again, just not today.
  • If I mention Pastrnak is one goal from a hat trick it probably wont happen right?
  • Wrong. I was wrong. Nothing can stop David Pastrnak.
  • Gallagher, potentially getting broken by Shea Weber. At this point that’s just considered classic Gallagher, right?
  • Halak is having himself quite a game.

Third period:

  • One thing about this Canadiens team, is they do not appear to have rolled over and given up.
  • Bruins are having fun, Halak is having fun, Pastrnak is having fun. I am not having fun.
  • Oh come on. How is the kid supposed to get a goal in his first game if he’s in the penalty box? Why must Max Domi and the refs try to stand in the way of the Bruins delightful day?
  • OH MAN. Artturi Lehkonen’s shot it JUST wide. This game is a bad time.
  • Oh fun, The new Bruin does get a point in his first game. That’s nice.
  • Optimistic note: The Metro won’t be too packed after the game. It looks like the majority of the fans already left.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) But he did get a point!

2) Have they considered not announcing the final minute of play?

1) That may actually be better than what they have been doing