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Canadiens recall Charles Hudon due to Jonathan Drouin injury

The Laval standout just might make his season debut in Montreal tonight.

Milwaukee Admirals v Laval Rocket Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Charles Hudon has been called up as a replacement for Jonathan Drouin, who was injured last night against the Washington Capitals. It was in the second period that Alexander Ovechkin put a huge hit on the Canadiens winger, who was checked in accordance with the the concussion protocol implemented by the NHL.

He returned to play in the third period, and looked alright, but something obviously got worse this morning as he’ll be out for todays game against the New Jersey Devils.

Hudon has impressed during his time in the AHL, and he comes fresh of a hat-trick performance with the Laval Rocket on Wednesday.

There’s no word on if he’s sure to suit up tonight, but it seems likely. A more pressing question would be who he would line up with if he does, as he hasn’t been with the team in some time.

At any rate, it is a well deserved call-up, if unfortunately thanks to the injury to Drouin.