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Canadiens @ Capitals Top Six Minutes: Five on Friday night

It was a rocking night as the Habs dominated the Capitals in Washington.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


  • It’s Carey Price vs. Alex Ovechkin, and it’s one of my favorite “polite rivalries” in the NHL today.
  • These games typically turn out super fun, and I’m hoping for another exciting affair before New Jersey puts us all into a deep sleep tomorrow.
  • Welcome back Jordan Weal! Pay no attention to the lanky Finnish child over your shoulder, no pressure to play well at all tonight!
  • (Please play well, I’m rooting for ya bud)

First Period

  • Victor Mete just took the shortest shift I’ve ever seen that wasn’t injury related.
  • “You need more Tom Wilsons” Look, I love Mike Johnson on commentary, but this is a hard pass from me y’all.
  • You absolutely love to see Cale Fleury going full wrecking ball, three big hits on one shift from the young defender!
  • So many posts so early on, every single ping is stopping my heart.
  • Ilya Samsonov nearly scored on himself and somehow the Habs can’t finish either, which tells me the Caps about to score shortly.
  • Hey, it’s nice to be wrong on something like this!
  • Hoooo boy, Brendan Gallagher is fired up and I can’t really blame him after that.
  • Hey that period was fun, I like fun!

Second Period

  • Elsewhere, the Rocket are currently down 2-0 and that makes me sad.
  • I have absolutely no idea how that isn’t a penalty on Alex Ovechkin when he’s literally flying through the air at Drouin.
  • Outside of that awful hit both Price and Samsonov are putting on a fantastic goaltending show here eh?
  • Holy mother of God I think Shea Weber nearly murdered the goalie with that shot.
  • Who the heck is Garnet Hathaway and why is he touching Shea Weber at all?
  • Oh Nick Cousins, bud you gotta finish that, even if it is 4-0.
  • Hey that period was fun too!

Third Period

  • The Rocket are now losing 5-1, but Cole Caufield scored in the NCAA, life is all about balance.
  • Hey, and Drouin is back!
  • Alright so new game plan Habs, for the love of god no one get hurt.
  • Habs, guys, Ovechkin has been doing that for almost 15 years, maybe cover him a little bit closer?
  • Paul Byron why in gods name did you not shoot that puck?!
  • Alright Habs, come on now fellas.
  • Tom Wilson, you don’t want to fight Shea Weber my dude.
  • Tomas Tatar with goal and an absolutely hilarious assist by Ben Chiarot.
  • Go away Radko Gudas you troll.
  • Bring on the Devils!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) So selfish

2) Thanks, Vegas

1) Samsonov will have nightmares about that Weber bomb