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Canadiens @ Golden Knights Top Six Minutes: Sin City Shootout

What a ridiculous comeback of a game!

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Vegas Golden Knights Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports


  • Happy Halloween folks, is tonight going to be a trick or treat for the Habs?
  • Hoping for another a first win for Keith Kinkaid, but it seems like he has a deck stacked against him on a back to back and without Jesperi Kotkaniemi.
  • What is the best Halloween candy and why is it Reese’s Cups?

First Period

  • Well, I guess early goals are a theme this trip and I am perfectly okay with that!
  • Every time the broadcast mentions how much Ryan Reaves hits people all I can think of is the fact he never has the puck in that case.
  • Mark Stone’s face is still beyond annoying and I don’t think I’ll ever be over that fact.
  • Paul Byron shaved and now looks like he’s 16 years old.
  • The broadcast definitely called William Karlsson, Erik Karlsson and I did a double take before that goal went in.
  • Habs fourth line continues to look great, doesn’t seem to matter who is on it, they just generate chances.
  • Kinkaid, woof.

Second Period

  • Good start after an unfortunate end to the first period for the Habs.
  • Oh my god Fleury nearly went full 2005 in net again.
  • I am now going to take back all of the mean things I said about Jonathan Drouin now, which means deleting a lot of tweets.
  • Nick Suzuki, my god what a kid and what a player he’s proving to be.
  • Oh my god that power play nearly killed me in at least four different ways to end the period.

Third Period

  • Alright, 20 more minutes lets see what these Habs have left in the tank!
  • I’m also just praying my power doesn’t go out with the 65 MPH gusts here in Rochester(104 KPH for the rest of the world)
  • Keith, buddy, you’re breaking my heart dude.
  • Oh good, and a penalty kill now too!
  • Ben Chiarot with a goal!*
  • *On his own net, and now I’m sad.
  • Well, it can’t be understated that this is the biggest power play of the game for Montreal right now.
  • Tell the idiot in the Waldo costume we all found him, and think he’s a dunce for chirping a hockey player from behind the safety of the glass.
  • Poor Victor Mete, hopefully his second goal won’t be a total odyssey like his first one was.
  • Take the point and get the hell out of Vegas Habs.


  • Just win baby.
  • Max “Power” Domi lets go home y’all!
  • Bring on Dallas and hopefully two more points!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Kinda creepy, but that fits the Halloween theme

2) Throwing it way back

1) Does this ever not work? It never doesn’t work.