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Canadiens @ Sabres Top Six Minutes: The Comeback Habs earn another point

Habs come back from trailing once again to get a positive result.

Montreal Canadiens v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Nicholas T. LoVerde/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Pre-game thoughts:

  • Congratulations to Max Domi on his 200th straight game. That’s quite something.
  • Nate Thompson is playing his 700th NHL game tonight. Congratulations Nate!
  • I have written one TSM before. Kinkaid was in goal, posted a shutout and Habs scored three on the power play. Let’s hope for a repetition tonight.
  • Why is this woman singing Star Spangled Banner like a lullaby? It’s already 1AM here. I don’t need one.
  • Come @ us, Dahlin! I dare you!

1st period:

  • Three minutes in. Has the puck even left Buffalo’s zone yet? Feels like a power play. Like, not a Habs power play, but an actually dangerous power play.
  • What an unnecessary way to break my Kinkaid shutout streak. Thanks Tatarrrr.
  • This Olofsson kid. PP specialist. Can we trade for him, plz?
  • Told ya, Dahlin. Taste the Finnish fury!
  • Oh yeah, the Anton PP effect is still very much happening.
  • I was just joking with the whole Dahlin vendetta, but he is getting seriously punished by Joel Armia right now.

2nd period:

  • That was a soft call to say the least.
  • Two Tatar penalties. Two goals. That’s unfortunate.
  • The Bills are apparently in the building. Let’s hope Josh Allen’s inaccuracy spreads to the Sabres’ players.
  • Just. Stop. Taking. Penalties.
  • Eichel’s puck skills are mad. But that shot did not look unstoppable, did it?
  • Game defining saves by Kinkaid near the end there. Redemption.

3rd period:

  • Can we rewind to the beginning of the first period? It all looked so good then #whathappened
  • Nothing is lost yet. Remember Toronto. And Carolina. This is a bounceback kind of team.
  • This IS a bounceback kind of team! The Finnish mafia does it again. Scores from out of the blue.
  • The PP looks so... strained, especially compared to Buffalo’s.
  • This game is taking of for real. You know what, Victor Mete? Now would be a terrific time to break your zero in the goal column.
  • Check out those moves by Chiarot! Bet you didn’t see that one coming.
  • Really Danault? With half a minute left? Ouch.


  • This team obviously can’t neither win nor lose in regulation.
  • Well, at least they didn’t score on the power play.

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