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The Dispatch: Frederik Dichow has his eyes on the Price

The Danish goaltender and his coach talk about his development.

Patrik Bexell

In the next instalment of The Dispatch, we get to hear from Malmö Under-20 coach Anton Blomqvist and his thoughts regarding Frederik Dichow, the young Danish goalie that the Montreal Canadiens drafted in the 2019 NHL Draft.

Coach Blomqvist mentions the drive that Dichow possesses, and the fact that Dichow wants to play every game. Blomqvist also mentions that it was Malmö’s senior team’s goalie coach that was high on Dichow last season and wanted him signed to the SHL club. The goalie coach works with Dichow twice a week when he is up and practicing with the senior team.

After the interview with Blomqvist, we get to hear Dichow himself on his thoughts about transition from Danish to Swedish hockey, and how far away from the SHL he thinks he is (spoiler alert: it is different from his coach’s thoughts).

Dichow speaks great English, and is open even if he just had a tough loss to the team’s local rivals in the South division of the SuperElit, the Swedish junior (U20) league.