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The Dispatch: A closer look at Jacob Olofsson’s development

We hear from a person who reports on him, the man who coaches him, and Olofsson himself.

Patrik Bexell

Jacob Olofsson got hit by a shoulder to the head during a road game in Bern in the Champions Hockey League. The Montreal Canadiens prospect sustained a concussion and was sidelined for a full week before he got to start practising with the team again.

It has led to a slow start to the season, with the centreman playing on the fourth line in Skellefteå. He and his line have faced some stern competition when they have been on the ice. Olofsson has looked bigger from afar and he confirms that he gained eight to nine pounds of muscle during the notoriously tough summer training regimen with Skellefteå.

In this Dispatch, we have been fortunate enough to get Adam Savonen, beat writer for Norran who covers everything Skellefteå, as well as Skellefteå AIK’s coach Tommy Samuelsson to speak about their expectations and how they see Olofsson’s development. Both want him to perform in a different role than he did last year with Timrå, and with Skellefteå’s style of play, Olofsson’s offence should come sooner rather than later.

In the end we get a few words with Jacob himself, where he speaks of his confidence and a bit of disappointment in the World Junior Summer Showcase.